We normally don’t post giveaways from other companies, but this one from CCS deserves a mention. Mark Appleyard recently cleaned out his whip and guess what? He’s giving away all the crap inside he didn’t want… plus a signed Appleyard deck. So if you want to know what Apples’ shoes smell like, click here.

“CCS team rider Mark Appleyard cleaned out his car at the car wash, and guess what he’s going to do with all of the stuff he doesn’t want — give it away to you guys! In this package from Mark, you’ll receive a set of Ricta wheels, an issue of Sidewalk magazine, a set of foreign coins from his travels, a Volcom tank top, and a pair of Globe Vangrants worn by Mark (don’t worry, they don’t smell too badly), and a signed Mark Appleyard deck. What are you waiting for? Win Mark’s stuff!”