Markovich On ERGO


ERGO is pleased to welcome Kris Markovich to its pro skate team.

Southern gentleman, skateboarder and artist, Markovich, brings to ERGO both longevity and respect within the skate community.  His major accomplishments range from launching his own skateboard company to securing continuous coverage in skate magazines, broadcast and film for more than a decade.

"Kris will be playing a key role at ERGO in cultivating our skate program," says ERGO Vice President, Pete DiSpirito. "We are excited to give Kris that family feeling that he has been searching for from a company."

In the coming year, expect to see Markovich traveling throughout the United States skateboarding with the ERGO team while making several stops along the way to feature his artwork; also expect to see his artwork on several signature ERGO items each season.  For more, stay tuned to