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Black Label’s new vid Back In Black will be in stores real soon. Check a trailer here.

Zoo Crew News

Aaron Suski, Anthony Shetler, and Brandon Westgate all officially on Zoo York. The Zoo roster is: Pros: Donny Barley, Zered Bassett, Forrest Kirby, Aaron Suski, and Kevin Taylor. Ams: Ron Deily, Lamare Hemmings, Matt Miller, Robert Lopez Mont, Anthony Shetler, and Brandon Westgate.


The Canal Chapter presents

A group exhibition by: Larry Clark, Ricky Powell, Ari Marcopoulous, Todd Jordan, Craig Wetherby, Giovanni Reda, Jefferson Pang, RB Umali, David Perez, Suekwon, Brian Uyeda, Andreas Speck, Akira Ruiz, Johnathan Manion, Sebastian Isacu, Rodent, Clara Markowicz, Andrea Bakacs, James Garret, Alessandro Simonetti, Bill Thomas, John Bush, Taku, AllenYing, John Handel, Emil Horowitz and others.

June 30th — July 21st, 2006

Opening Reception, Thursday June 29th 8 -11 pm.

Closing Reception, Friday July 21st 8 — 11 pm.

Curated by Jefferson Pang, Daniel Sasse, Mikhail Sokovikov

The Harold Hunter Tribute Exhibit will open on Thursday, June 29th with an opening reception with refreshments and hour-derves at The Canal Chapter from 8 — 11pm. The opening will be broadcasted LIVE over the Internet on, as we acknowledge that Harold Hunter was a global personality. The exhibit will commence as silent auction that will last three weeks with a closing reception on July 21st. Through out duration of the exhibit we will be accepting email bids for photographs and Harold Hunter Memorabilia that will also be on display. In addition to photographs and memorabilia we will also hold a screening of a cinematic piece by RB Umali. The exhibit will close with a closing reception on July 21st, where the highest bidders will be announced.

The Harold Hunter Tribute Exhibit proceeds will go to the newly established Harold Hunter Foundation. The foundation’s purpose is to send city youth to Woodward Skate Camp, organize skateboarding contests and educating youth about skateboarding.

More G.S.D. Woes

On June 21, Go Skateboarding Day, the skaters of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. were out skating the town to raise awareness about Skateboarding and to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. It was during their cruise around town (on public streets & sidewalks) that over 30 of them were stopped by the police and issued over $10,000.00 in fines ($300 per skater). They were not on private property and they were not doing tricks, they were simply cruising around town enjoying their sport.

If you have an opinion about this please take the time to write a quick e-mail to the City of Lebanon regarding this incident and let them know how you feel.

The e-mail address is

Please write Attn. Mayor Anspach & City Council in the subject line

Winnipeg Skatepark Opening

photos here.

Friday, June 30th

2 pm Plaza Skatepark Grand Opening Ceremonies

2:30 pm Skate Demo featuring:
Steve Berra
Eric Koston
Anthony Van Engelen
Mike Taylor
Jason Dill
Tyler Bledsoe
Chris Anderson
Torey Pudwill
Keegan Sauder
Lindsey Robertson
Sheldon Meleshinski
Tommy Sandoval
Garret Hill

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