Matix Vs. The Man-G


Almost every skateboarder has a friend who suffers from the Man-G. As everyday skaters lose faith in the average leather or nylon belt, shoelaces have been steadily replacing belts in the skateboard community. Unfortunately, shoelace belts have created another epidemic in our society -- the Man-G.

Thought only to affect male aerobics instructors and male strippers, the Man-G epidemic has also stricken the skateboard community. With daily visual accounts at skate parks and skate spots worldwide, the Man-G has been taking over the skateboard community at a rapid rate. We, too, have friends who suffer a great deal from this Man-G epidemic, including our own Matix team manager, Tony E, who suffers from it entirely too much.

So together with our Matix team riders and our highly skilled clothing developers, Matix created a solution for the Man-G -- with its all new revolutionary lace loop system! These ingenious yet small details have been added to every pair of Matix denim in production today. Yes, Matix has truly saved the world from ever viewing the Man-G again.

So stand up against the Man-G today! Rock the Loops! Matix Against Man-G’s!