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Everyone’s number one homie from San Diego to Vancouver, Matt maddawg Swanguen, was recently struck by a train. He suffered severe injuries to his head, spine, and pelvis. He is currently stable and in a coma. We’re hoping he wakes up soon. He has undergone two surgeries, one for his spine and one to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure. He needs another surgery for his pelvis.
Matt is the most genuine, funny, loveable, wild, and real person most of us know. He is there when a friend needs help and we need to help him.
His life will probably not be the same after this and after his time in the hospital will also require months of physical therapy. Matt’s as tough as they come and he will definitely pull through. This is going to be a long and expensive process getting him better. Please help him and his family out by contributing what you can so matt can get the treatment and accomodations he will need when this is over, He would do the same.
100-percent of these funds will go directly to him and his family to cover the costs of his surgeries, hospital stay, physical therapy, and expensive medical equipment he will need when he wakes.

We’re skateboarders. We take care of each other.