MegaZine Art Show

Sanctuary Artsite In conjunction with JDK design are proud to present:


Curated by Herb George (The Money Kids) and Angela Boatwright (Killer of Giants), MegaZine is an international collection of self published and in most cases, hand made ‘zines assembled by a variety of artists, designers and creative personalities of all kinds.

Sanctuary Artsite
47 Maple Street
Burlington, VT
Opening October 15th, 2004
Media/ V.I.P 6- 7 pm, public 7-9 pm
Show runs through Oct. 30, 2004

As an effective form of contemporary cultural media, the zine knows few peers. It has served as a source of information and inspiration, as an avenue for unhindered opinion, and as a two-dimensional medium for the expression of ideas and imagery without rules or restrictions.

Curated by New York City residents, Herb George (The Money Kids) and Angela Boatwright (Killer of Giants), MegaZine brings together a wide range of talents, both known and unknown. Confirmed contributors include: Ed Templeton, Seth Neary, Matt Terwilliger, Tyler Lepore, George Covalla, Giant, Tobin Yelland, Cheryl Dunn, Bobby Puleo, Ako + Atiba Jefferson, Michael Jager, Patrick O’Dell, Leo Fitzpatrick, Dave Carnie, A-Dog, Vice magazine’s Tim Barber, irak CREW, Bob Kronbauer, Lori D., Jerry Hsu, Chris Shonting + Rhode Island crew, Travis Millard, Albert Reyes, Andrew Pommier, Jeremy Fish, Todd Jordan, Dan Murphy, Michael Sieben, Jordan Bennett, Colin + the 2nd Ave Skate Zine, Smelly Curb zine, Art Prostitute, Hamburger Eyes, John Trippe / Fecal Face, Haze, Heather Hernon, Leigh LeDare, Scott Lenhardt, Will Lemon, Thom Lessner, Robert Mars, Lukas Huffman, Stephanie Hutin, Jay Giroux + Wes Demarlo, London’s Beat 13, Travis Millard, Skye Chalmers, Matt Hay, David Wien, Rosie Kanellis, Jocko Weyland and Elk, Randy Laybourne, Abby Manock, Dave Shubert, Amanda Lawrence, Yogi Proctor, Ivory + Shelter Serra, and many more…