Mike Vallely Rides For Element

We are proud to announce skateboard legend Mike Vallely as an official member of the Element family.

Mike was one of the first skateboarders to make the world realize there was skateboarding beyond Southern California. Element being born from the east coast, made his influence on our future immeasurable.

His unconventional style, on and off his skateboard set him aside from the rest and brought individuality and freedom back to what was becoming a predictable industry. Mike has been a great part of the evolution of skateboarding and will surely be a greater part of its progress.

Element’s president and founder Johnny Schillereff said, “Element is building a team with roots that go deep to where we came from and where we will grow; a team that encompasses the landscape of skateboarding. What skateboarding was, is and will become. Mike is a great piece to this puzzle.”

“Element has no boundaries. it represents freedom and pure skateboarding with an amazing, well-rounded, eclectic team. Everyone just seems to fit in. I have found my home in skateboarding,” said Mike V.

“The dynamic that his aggressive style will bring to our team will only enhance our already amazing roster and continue to make element a driving force in skateboarding,” said Ryan Kingman, director of marketing for Element .

Mike would like to thank everyone who has supported him through the past 17 years of his career. The shops, distributors, magazines, companies, skaters and fans who have stood by him, the best is yet to come.