Mike V.’s Rebel Music Tour


Vallely’s new band, REVOLUTION MOTHER, to perform West and East Coast dates, will also play selected Zumiez Couch Tour dates

Revolution Mother, the newest musical project fronted by professional skateboarder Mike Vallely, will embark on its first tour this summer, covering over a dozen states on the West and East Coast. The punk/metal quartet will join the Zumiez Couch Tour, performing with CKY on selected dates. In addition, Revolution Mother will also spearhead Vallely’s new Rebel Music Tour, which sports an eclectic lineup, including veteran singer/songwriter Joe Grushecky (who has performed with Bruce Springsteen) and post-hardcore outfit A Fall From Grace.

“The Rebel Music Tour is about diversity, says Vallely. “Diverse acts with different sounds, but with the common thread being a love for music and a belief in the power of music.

Formed in late 2005, Revolution Mother will release its debut recording, a five-song EP titled Enjoy The Ride (released via MVI), on August 8, 2006. The band — which also features guitarist Jason Hampton (The Suppression Swing, The Third Degree), bassist Ed Solis (ZOD, Matador) and drummer Wal Rashidi (La Motta, Jr. Juggernaut) — has already been compared to early punk-based artists like Black Flag, Bl’ast and Motorhead.

Vallely recorded and released a collaborative album with Grushecky in 2002 titled A Weekend in Pittsburgh. “I’ve been lucky enough to befriend one of my favorite musicians, Joe Grushecky, says Vallely. “Through the years I’ve recorded and performed with him but now I have the honor of going on the road with him and sharing his music with my friends and fans. Look for Joe and I to perform a song or two together, most likely something off of A Weekend In Pittsburgh. Plus, Joe will have an open invitation to join Revolution Mother onstage during our set.

On maintaining a touring lineup of different genres, Vallely says, “The tour will definitely be an eclectic mix of music but if you scroll through my iPod, that is exactly what you’ll find. It’s not about a certain type or genre of music. It’s just about music.

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Jun 3 2006: Jerry’s Pizza – Bakersfield, CA
Jun 4 2006: Eastridge Mall – San Jose, CA *
Jun 4 2006: Golden Bull – Oakland, CA (late show)
Jun 6 2006: The Alley – Fullerton, CA
Jun 7 2006: Fiesta Mall – Mesa, AZ *
Jun 21 2006: Freehold Raceway Mall – Freehold, NJ *
Jun 22 2006: Relative Theory Records – Norfolk, VA
Jun 23 2006: Crossgates Mall – Albany, NY *
Jun 24 2006: Cherry Street Station – Wallingford, CT
Jun 25 2006: The Marketplace – Rochester, NY
Jul 15 2006: Mr Small’s – Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 19 2006: Woodward Skatecamp – Woodward, PA
Jul 21 2006: Empress Ballroom – Danbury, CT * *
Jul 22 2006: The Boiler Room – Philadelphia, PA * *
Jul 23 2006: The Knitting Factory – New York, NY * *
Jul 25 2006: Xtreme Wheels Skatepark – Buffalo, NY * *
Jul 26 2006: Evolution Skate Park — Canton, OH * *
Jul 27 2006: Refuge Skate Shop – Dearborn, MI * *
Jul 29 2006: Skatepark Of Memphis – Cordova, TN * *
Jul 30 2006: Warp Skatepark – Woodstock, IL * *
Aug 7 2006: Woodward Skatecamp West – Tehachapi, CA

* – part of the Zumiez Couch Tour, with CKY

* * – part of the Rebel Music Tour, with A Fall From Grace and Joe Grushecky