Monday Madness (April 4)

Santa Cruz Premiere of Guarte

Starring Alex Moul, Stacy Lowery, Mike Frazier, Emmanuel Guzman, Nestor Judkins, and Damian Smith. Also featuring Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Sid Melvin, Ron Whaley, and mystery guests…

Friday Night, April 8th 2005
San Jose, CA
La Petit Trianon Theatre
8:30 pm

After Party at The Blank Club

La Petit Trianon Theatre
72 North 5th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

The Blank Club
44 South Almaden Ave.

The Phoenix Am wrapped up over the weekend. Here are the results:

1. Adam Dyet
2. Jarold Webb
3. Jordan Hoffart
4. Colin Provost
5. Sierra Fellers
6. Ron Deily
7. Dominique Johnson
8. Jake Duncombe
9. Brad Cromer
10. Danny Rosario
11. Donnie Mitchell
12. Dustin Blauvelt

Check out for mor info.

Enrique Lorenzo now on FKD bearings.