Monday Madness (August 15)

Cal’s Pharmacy Video Premiere in Portland

We’d like to invite everyone to the premiere of the long-awaited Cal’s Pharmacy video this Thursday night, August 18th at 9:00pm at Cinemagic Theater (2021 SE Hawthorne). The premiere is FREE TO EVERYONE! The lineup includes Jayme Fortune, Matt Beach, Nick Palmquist, Mike Derrick, Phil Trotter, Jesse Bracewell, Matt Hanson, Tyler Bledsoe, Craig McKendry, Joey Hargrave, Robert Bemis, Chris Stuker, Josh Falk, and Mike Chin. Come down and witness the product of 2 years of work pushing the limits of street skating in Portland.

See you Thursday night!

DEPT: 15 NE HANCOCK ST, PORTLAND, 503-493-9480,

Vans Downtown Showdown

What it is: An invite-only, team vs. team, contest where the teams get to design the obstacles.
Purse: 85 Gs
Date: Sunday, September 4 – Monday, September 5, 2005 (Practice is Sunday and the Contest is Monday)
Location: Universal Studios, CA
Below are the teams that have been invited by Vans:
Baker – Dollin, Reynolds, Herman, and Antuan
Birdhouse – Sumner, Nesser, Suski, and Goemann
Real – Torres, Busenitz, Trujillo, and ?
Girl – Koston, Carroll, Rogers, and ?
Plan B – Rodriguez, Stanton, Gallant, and ?
Toy Machine – Layton, Marks, Harmony, and Bennett
Foundation – Duffel, Fowler, Romero, and Ramirez
Zero – Thomas, Allie, Cole, and ?
Alien Workshop – ?
Almost – ?

Now just go watch Shiloh’s part from Love Child and realize that was filmed over 13 years ago and it’s still better than anything you could do today. And yes, that was the first 270 lip on a handrail.