Monday Madness (Dec 5)


The Sovereign Sect is pleased to release a glimpse of the road ahead for future Alien Workshop and Habitat videos. The new dual chapter Sect DVD includes two parts: Alien Workshop’s Kalis in Mono; A Film Fragment and Habitat Regal Road.

enjoi trailer

As if the anticipation isn’t killing all of us…The enjoi video, finally has a name!
 bag of suck (3.3MB)

PUZZLE TV is on… and keeping on. The Brand New European Skateboarding Channel, providing fresh programs coming out every 10 days.

The third Podcast is up. The first two are still available on iTunes. on a street rider (Manuel Margreiter) and a ramp rider (Renton Millar), it’s time for contest.
On the menu: Manuel Margreiter, Renton Millar, Slam Trick in Italy, Torun in Poland.

How to subscribe to PUZZLE TV for FREE

· Get iTunes 6 (
· Install and launch iTunes
· Go to the iTunes Music Store (menu on the left)
· Make a search (upright on the window) with “skateboard”
· Select “Podcast” (it will search only in Podcasts)
· Find PUZZLE TV in the list and click to subscribe