Monday Madness (Jan 10)

Team News


Street Corner Distribution’s newly created City skateboards has put some serious talent behind its name. Pete Eldridge, Mike Maldonado, Alex Klein, Russ Milligan, Tony Montgomery, Terell Robinson, Jeremy Reeves, and Jason Wakazawa are the riders. The Web site is and it launches on March 1.


Anthony Correa now rolls with Ricky, he’s on Traffic.

Brooklyn Banks Update

At least part of the banks will remain skateable. Check this out.

Nate Sherwood speaks

“Girls aren’t into the real Nate-o, they’re into the wild and crazy Myspace Nate-o.”—Nate Sherwood

San Diego Santos Chargers

Amid all the pouring rain in San Diego the last couple weeks, Charger fever was running rampant. That all ended Saturday night as the Chargers choked against the NY Jets. Not even Willy’s westside/Willy’s Workshop gang sign could help.