Monday Madness (Jan 23)

Team Changes

Devine Calloway and Zered Bassett on Force Trucks.

Rodney Mullen on CCS

Shameless Self-Promotion

Chris Ray has been filming non-stop for his video, expect some bangers! Reno heads are blowing up!

In other news

Brent Atchley pro for Element.

Steve Nesser is opening a new shop in Minnesota in the next month.

Ed Selego is teaming up with Control in Miami and opening a bigger park with a new attached MIA. INC. ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF INC. FOR MEDIA CATALOGING SERVICES

Several months ago the inception of was announced. A site aiming to organize and catalog all the information in 32 plus skateboard magazines and all the riders, every month.

Salman Agah has joined as a full partner and marketing associate.