Monday Madness (July 17)

Bastien off Flip

Due to irreconcilable differences of opinion, Flip Skateboards has decided to terminate sponsorship and support of Bastien Salabanzi.

Although this has been a very difficult decision, we believe it to be in the best long term interests of both parties.

Flip wishes Bastien good health and success in his future.

Colt Cannon’s Mini Ramp Jam Results

As Colt’s beautifully constructed 40 foot wide beast has to come down this week, a jam contest was held this past Sunday.

Jam format, 4 runs each in the blistering heat. 2 divisions. Riders judged themselves.


1. Cayden Riebe won a complete and a week at Visalia Skate Camp in 2007

2. Tommy Reymelard

3. Josh Stafford

4. Brendan Villanueva

(also competing but not placing – riley stevens, lauren desheilds, melanie lucia, tyler selby, gwen marchus, nik & austin suarez)


1. Aric Sanders won a years supply of Element decks, Krux, and C1RCA Footwear.

2. Marcelle Johnson

3. Hiro

4. Cody Hager

5. Brian Emmers

(also competing but not placing – marshall green, chris klich, fudge, jim bell, troy witt, eric g, drew potter, mark liscak, lloyd albright, cody brannin, mike burnett and stunt double jake duncombe, tosh rice, matt sosa, jared hager, gabe salas, walter smith, and me.)

Matt Kriegel won $156 and deck in the best trick contest by battering the wall with a BS Smith grind.

Shaun White and Jereme Rogers do the Dew

In case you missed it, here are the results of this past weekends Dew Action Sports Tour.