Monday Madness (July 24)

Birdhouse News

Matt Ball is back on Birdhouse and his pro board will be out next month. Birdhouse has a new am by the name of Shaun Gregoire from D.C. Check his sponsor-me video here.

Spitfire Channel Street Wheel

The Channel Street Skatepark Project was begun back in the Fall of 2002. City Officials in San Pedro, part of LA’s harbor area, had been promising a quality, concrete skatepark for several years, but nothing ever seemed to happen. All suggestions by local skateboarders were disregarded and instead plans were made to build a modular, plastic skatepark sometime in the future. Frustrated and tired of waiting around for an unchallenging “plastic” skatepark, a group of San Pedro skateboarders began building their own skatepark on a neglected “eyesore” piece of land located under the 110 freeway at Channel St. What started out as a small concrete quarter-pipe slowly blossomed into a compact, yet functional skatepark within the span of a year. Money for the project came from the pockets of the skateboarders themselves and generous community members. In the Fall of 2003, the skaters created the San Pedro Skatepark Association, incorporating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization later that year.

As it stands today, the Channel Street park is skated on a daily basis by skaters from San Pedro and the rest of planet Earth. The skateboarders continue to run the show, maintaining the park, building additional terrain, and raising funds to keep the place around. Your purchase of these limited edition Channel Street Project wheels is greatly appreciated, as you are helping keep a park built by skaters for skaters alive and kicking.

Thank you and please go skate.—Channel Street Locals.

Wheel is available in 53, 55 and 57, September 2006

New Plan B Web site

Check it. Check the team section to confirm all those rumors floating around.