Monday Madness (June 5)

Emerica’s Wild Ride

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Chicago Declared Skate City, USA!

This year, on international Go Skateboarding Day, June 21, 2006, thousands of empowered skateboarders will declare Chicago as Skate City, USA by kicking off summer in the streets of downtown Chicago with an event known as Emerica’s Wild in the Streets. Wild in the Streets gathers skateboarders of every age, color and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in celebration of pure skateboarding!

Chi-Town was chosen as this year’s Wild in the Streets main event location to support the Midwest skate community and the newly-formed Chicago Skateboarding Organization and to raise awareness and support the city of Chicago’s plans to build the first urban downtown skate plaza in the U.S., Professional skateboarders from the Emerica team and others will join their fellow skateboarders on the streets of Chicago in celebration of pure skateboarding on the first day of summer.

But Wild in the Streets will not be contained to merely Chicago on Go Skateboarding Day. Wild in the Streets is a phenomenal, decentralized grassroots movement on a global level, with over 8,000 skateboarders in over 20 countries participating worldwide last year. This year’s anticipation for the event is even greater and more simultaneous Wild in the Streets events are already being planned! Overall, the number of skateboarders going Wild in the Streets around the world on Go Skateboarding Day will be a shredding experience.

If you’re in the Midwest, Come on over to Chicago on June 21, 2006—you don’t want to miss it! If you can’t make it to Chicago and are interested in organizing your own Wild in the Streets event or finding an event planned near you, or for more information on Chicago’s main event and Emerica’s Wild in the Streets in general, be sure to check out

Web Page Of The Week!

If you skated in the early 90s, you’ll definitely appreciate this site.

Supra in Canada

Underworld and Supra Shoe are proud to announce the “Got ’em First “in Vancouver. Underworld skate shop Vancouver will have the Supra team at the shop hand delivering YOU your first pair of Supra shoes. This event will be held Friday June 16th from 5pm to 9pm at Underworld Vancouver skate shop located on 860 Granville Street 604-899-8949. Chad Muska, Tom Penny, Antwan Dixon and Erik Ellington will be in the shop for an autograph signing session.

On the following day, Saturday June 17th from 3pm to 6pm the Supra team in association with Kr3w clothing will be at the Skate Plaza to skate with YOU.  The Skate Plaza is located at the corner of Quebec Street and Expo Street.   

Saturday June 17th   After Party: Later at night after the demo the Supra team will hold an after party at Plush located at 750 Pacific Blvd (Plaza of Nation) with DJ 4 Korners Sounds Krew. This event is in association with Kr3w Clothing and Underworld Skate Shop

Sunday June 18th: RDS Clothing, Underworld skate shop and Solo Mobile are proud to invite you to the first ever downtown — Granville Street Game of S.K.A.T.E on a LEDGE contest on Sunday June 18th at noon until 6pm, right in front of Underworld skate shop. This contest might be judged by the Supra team if they are not too hung over!!!

For more information please contact Underworld at 604-899-8949 or

The Muska Parts With Shorty’s

After an amazing ten years, I would like to announce that I’ve officially decided to part ways with Shorty’s Skateboards. I’d really like to thank all the people at Shorty’s for everything they have done for me over the years, I just feel it’s time to move on so I can focus on my new projects.

As for my new projects, recently I’ve reecently teamed up with Supra Footwear and have finished designing my new shoe that will hit the streets this October. I’ve also been designing my signature pieces for KR3W Clothing that I’m really hyped on. I’m also working on a another project that will be announced some time in the near future. So stay posted, big thanks to everyone for their support, and be sure to check for upcoming news and info.—Chad Muska

Get Rinsed With Crossfire

All you English mates get down to Southbank for this blowout. The last one was a classic.