Monday Madness (March 21)

Adrian Lopez joins the Dragon Optical team.

Dragon Optical is honored to announce that Skateboard legend Adrian Lopez has joined the team. Lopez, a San Diego local, is one of the most recognized names in skateboarding among the youth culture of today.

“Dragon has by far the best riders in Surf, BMX, and Snowboarding so I was more then happy to join the family, said Lopez “also, I have been given the opportunity to work closely with design on a more skate influenced side of the brand… stay tuned.

Adrian is an illusive rider that has been skateboarding professionally for eight years. Known for his distinct style and artistic influence, Lopez is one of the hardest working skateboarders in the world. Adrian is a very active participant in all the brands he rides for, this gives him the ability to send his specific message to the skate board community.

Adrian will be working closely with Dragon to ad his influence in artistry and style to our products and creative to help build a stronger brand. Adrian is also sponsored by Circa footwear, Mystery Skateboards, Destructo Trucks and Active ride shops.

Go Skateboarding Day, June 21

For one day, skateboarders take over the world! Imagine 20 million-plus skateboarders riding at the same time.

If skateboarders have their way, that will be the scene on the first day of summer: Go Skateboarding Day. Above all else, it’s a day for skateboarders to skate. It’s also an opportunity for those who’ve never been on a skateboard to grab a friend and join in.

The inaugural Go Skateboarding Day last June caught on quicker than anyone imagined. Skateboarders held events throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Japan. Some of those events included backyard jams, skatepark sessions and impromptu street missions.

Last year was just the beginning of the grind heard around the world. This year, Go Skateboarding Day is going to be bigger, so here are some excuses to tell your boss or teacher: “I can’t make it on Tuesday, June 21 because…

My house is on fire.
I’m going to the dentist.
The dog ate my slippers.
I have a doctor’s appointment .
I’m going to get my nails done.
My sick grandmother needs me by her side.
I have a tornado to attend.
My cubicle is being remodeled.
Global warming beckons my name.
My dog died.
I have to go vote for something.

And the best one: I’m going skateboarding. Deal with it!

Go Skateboarding Day events will be posted at local skate shops.

CONTACT: International Association of Skateboard Companies, Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Element Premiere this Friday

Adio Team News

Adio team manager Travis Howell is over in the skate mecca they call Barcelona until March 26th with BAM, Jeremy Wray, Joey Brezinski, and filmers Roger Bagley and Russell Houghten. Joining them later on the trip will be Kenny Anderson, Ernie Torres, Steve Nesser, Brian Brown, and Nate Broussard. They will all be throwing down some madness for the upcoming FREE Adio DVD. With a lineup that, this DVD will be a must see! Look for it this summer!

Look for BAM and Jeremy Wray starring tin the new Element video titled Elementality. Elementality, volume one offers a sight and sound introduction to the element brand, philosophy and team. Volume one also takes you on tour with the team across the U.S. and abroad and offers solid introductions to some of Element’s best up and coming team riders, plus footage of the entire element pro team.

Starring : Jeremy Wray, Tosh Townend, Bam Margera, Colt Cannon, Jake Rupp, Vanessa Torres, Chris Senn, Mike Vallely, and a host of ripping AMS.

If you haven’t checked out the new TransWorld issue, you better go hunt it down! There is a 20 Questions article with Kyle Leeper who is like a breath of fresh air at this point in skateboarding. It’s nice to see some originality thrown back into the mix.

Also check out the Italian tour articlee with Danny Montoya and Kenny Anderson. In the article you get a good taste of what these two skaters are all about. Danny rocks his technical innovation while Kenny shows why he has the most buttery style in skateboarding. Both guys have sequences that are not to be missed!

Danny Montoya has a banging part in the new and improved 411 Video Magazine. The new issue should be hitting shelves any day now….Danny’s part is NOT to be missed

The Montoya V.4 is here! Danny spent some serious time designing his shoe. And if he put as much effort into designing this shoe as he does into his skating, you know it’s good! Danny is exploding all over the place with magazine coverage, video parts, new shoe model, and with Listen!, his new skateboard company. Looks like Danny’s going to have a great year!