Monday Madness (March 7)

In Cleveland, Ohio, the old guards of the scene have taken it upon themselves to get active with the City Councils of Cleveland and Lakewood respectively to build parks of their own.

Cleveland has been a home town to many familiar faces in the skateboarding scene, Kristian Svitak, Dave Coyne, Scott Pazelt, Brad Staba, Ohio Dave Smith (Van’s TM), and Tracker Dan, to name a few. Cleveland continues to contribute to the nation wide skate scene with energy and enthusiasm for all types of skateboarding, old and new school, bowl, vert and street, old guys and young bucks all blend together to make an exciting scene that everyone can enjoy at some level.

This Saturday, March 12, there will be rally day at Big Happy’s Skatepark in Bedford Ohio. The proceeds from the event will help complete the Lakewood Skatepark. The details are as follows:

Sat. March 12th 1:00 — 8:00
$20 donation — skate all day
$5 donation- to watch (parents / girlfriends / etc.)
Live music
Store competition — which store is the best?
Best trick — bill$ for skills
Bowl sesh

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