Monday Madness (Nov 8)

The Kayo Corp has a new Web site that is updated daily with news, video clips and more. Right now there is a cool video of Ryan Gallant and PJ Ladd ripping the inhouse TF. There’s also an ad featuring Allen Iverson, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Stevie Williams—what do they have in common?

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Gershon Mosley has quit Globe shoes.

The World’s First Skatepark Can Be Saved!

Carlsbad Skatepark opened March 13, 1976; it is known as The World’s FirstSkatepark. Covered with dirt in the early 80s due to insurance reasons,Carlsbad Skatepark has remained buried for about 20 years but could beeasily excavated and restored.

Hundreds of other skatparks were built in the late 70s; the last oneremaining on the west coast is Carlsbad, which ironically happens to be thefirst. The opening of the Carlsbad Park had such an impact on theskateboarding world that it was featured in 58 photos, including the cover,in the first two issues of Skateboarder magazine that featured it. Prettymuch every major pro skated Carlsbad within the first few months it wasopen. Notables included Jim Muir, Tony Alva, Gregg Weaver, Stacy Peraltaand Jay Adams. Carlsbad was the skateboarding center of the universe forthe first few months it was open, as more parks started opening it wasovershadowed by newer designs. The Mogul Field advanced section ofCarlsbad is still however a relevant park for todays skateboarders; itsflowing design offers endless lines and options. The Carlsbad Park was alsothe site of Mike McGills Skatepark in the 80s, ramps were built on top ofthe original beginner section.

Apart from old magazines and vintage skateboards the skateboard communityhas little to show for its rich history, all the 70s skateparks are longgone apart from Kona in Florida (built 1977). Although skateboarding hasworldwide history and culture, skateboarding is and will always be aCalifornia icon and be the center for the majority of its industry andmedia. There is no location on the map that has major historicalsignificance to skateboarding; long buried and almost forgotten, theCarlsbad Skatepark is that place. If it is dozed for good there will neverbe another place with that much history and a place that can mean so much tothe past, present and future of skateboarding. The Carlsbad Park once againhas a chance to be the skateboarding center of the universe. Our cultureand history is too valuable to be destroyed for just one more industrialbuilding, we the skateboard industry and community must rally now to makesure we do not blow this one time chance to save this historical landmark.

The skatepark sits on a 6-acre parcel in the corner of the Carlsbad Racewayproperty; it was scheduled for grading as soon as November 3rd as a part ofa 146-acre industrial park being developed by the H.G. Fenton Company of SanDiego. But due to continued newspaper and TV coverage, a successful rallyand continued support from the community and skate industry, the skateparkwill not be destroyed immediately after final grading plans were approved,as we had once feared it might be. Talks will continue between theskateboarding community and the property owner to see if a mutuallybeneficial deal can be reached, they are very open to the idea of preservingthis historical landmark.

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) has nowofficially endorsed the mission to save the Carlsbad Skatepark.IASC will act as an interim organization until a new nonprofit corporationcan be formed and funds are raised to operate the new unity. A businessplan is in the works and talks are continuing with several major players inthe skateboard industry for funding options.

This is a call to the skateboarding community and industry to open yourwallets and get involved in saving this historical landmark!

Proposed Facilities:

Restored World’s First skateboard park; a historical landmark (built in1976) Addition of Street Plaza
Addition of modern Pool and Bowl facilities
World’s Largest Skateboard Museum Pro Shop
Gallery for Art and Photography exhibits
Outdoor Amphitheater for showing of films, videos and music performances
IASC offices
Location for educational instruction on subjects such as photography, art,fashion, graphic design and business

Globe Wildcard Series Returns To Canada

On November 8, the Globe Wildcard Series will stop in Toronto, Canada for the eleventh qualifier of the series. Special guest judges scheduled to appear include Paul Machnau and Gailea Momolu.

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Powell Team News

Steve Caballero is in Amsterdam on his way to Scotland with The Faction. He attended a skatepark opening and played a concert. Pat Channita is out shooting video for his bonus footage for the Powell Canada Tour DVD.

Rodney Jones sessioned Mt. Baldy with a few friends and is putting together his bonus footage for the DVD. He will go to Baltimore to spend the holidays with his family and get some photos from his home stomping grounds. He dropped by the Damn Am in Costa Mesa and beat on Aaron Perko.

Oliver BuchananThe Powell Ams have been gathering their footage for their bonus parts in the DVD. Oliver Buchanan will be coming out in November and will try to hook up with Erik Olsen in San Jose in the next couple of weeks. Jordan Hoffart and Tyler Hansen went to the Damn Am along with Aaron Perko. They had a good time skating with everyone but didn’t make the finals. Jordan Hoffart has an interview in Concrete Powder and can be seen in Wesley Snipes’ movie, Blade:Trinity, fighting with Jessica Biel and skating an escalator this December.