Monday Madness (Oct 24)

Goofy Defeats Regular at etnies Second Annual GvR 

Ronnie Creager’s Technical Skating Leads Goofy Team To Victory

At the second annual GvR of Skateboarding, The Skateboard Mag’s Goofy Team stomped Thrasher Magazine’s Regular Team to claim the title after last year’s upset.  The Goofy Team regained their pride after skateboarders like Team MVP and etnies pro Ronnie Creager, along with his right-foot-forward teammates Jereme Rogers, Nyjah Huston, Darrell Stanton, Colt Cannon and Nilton Neves proved to thousands of onlookers the etnies Skatepark what professional skateboarding is all about—talent, progression, freedom and fun. 

In back of all the skateboarding action, a solid line-up of bands took the stage throughout the weekend starting with The Skulls rocking out during the Pro Bowl Jam on Friday night.  On Saturday, musical highlights included explosive sets by Letter Kills and Pretty Girls Make Graves.  Headliner Bucket of Weenies (B.O.W.), with frontman Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, played an eclectic mix of covers including songs from Elvis Prestly to Oasis and the Beatles.   

Be sure to catch all of the action from the etnies GvR of Skateboarding on Fuel TV — Check for show times and additional details.   

Total Weekend Prize Purse — $65,000 

Goofy team  

1. Jereme Rogers
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Ronnie Creager — MVP
4. Darrell Stanton
5. Nilton Neves

Regular Team

1. Chris Cole — MVP
2. Bryan Herman
3. Arto Saari
4. Ryan Sheckler
5. Ernie Torres

etnies Girl Push Jam Final Results

1. Vanessa Torres
2.  Amy Caron
3.  Elissa Steamer
4.  Evellien Bouilliart
5.  Lauren Perkins
6.  Lacey Baker

Pro Bowl Contest

1.  Benji Galloway
2.  Jimmy the Greek
3.  Omar Hassen
4.  Josh Sandoval
5.  Will Powers
6.  Bruno Passos

Grand Masters

1.  Pat Ngoho
2.  Mike Smith
3.  Dave Reul
4.  Jeff Grosso
5.  Chris Cooksie Cook
6.  Nick Henderson

Ladies Bowl Jam Final Results

1. April Woodcock
2. Nicole Zuck
3. Annie Sullivan
4. Mandy Esch
5. Holly Lyons
6. Heidi Fitzgerald

Check some clips at etnies’ Rob Brink’s Web site.

The Good Life premiere

NOV. 25th 9pm skate park of

NOV. 26 cinema cafe in clearwater door open at 9pm video starts at 9:30pm. www.clearwatercinemacafe.comfor more info go to

“The Good Life is the follow up to the underground hit “Dango from Westside Skateshop. It is basically a mockery of the term “the good life, as it shows a life far from what most people would describe as glamorous. But this theme doesn’t consume the viewer because after all, it is a skate video, and the skating and personalities of the featured skaters is what really shines through. It is raw and gritty street skating at it’s best, combined with humor and irony, and it does all this while subtly serving the reminder that “The Good Life can be your life, because it is a term that you define for yourself.

Featured skaters include: John Buchanan, Jimmy Lannon, Danny Renaud, Nick Matlin, Phil Ladjanski, Ryan Nix, Jon Newport, 80’s Joe Staley, John Montesi, Josh Dowd, Mike Rosa, Richie Zuczek, and many more. Produced by John Montesi for Westside Skateshop.


New Hampshire’s Waterville Valley Resort, is once again hosting this year’s highly anticipated Fall Brawl skateboard contest at the Boston SnowSports Expo on Saturday, November 19.  The Fall Brawl is the only skateboarding-focused event held during the annual four-day expo that attracts over 40,000 visitors each year.    

For more information on the Fall Brawl contest or to pre-register, please visit, or call 1-800-GO-VALLEY.