Monday Madness (Oct 25)

The Damn Am wrapped up this weekend. Dylan Rieder won. Check the results here.

Chris Dobstaff is pro for Darkstar. Cangrats buddy.

Joey Brezinski is now am for Cliché. Told you his Sane part would do good things.

British styler Olly Todd is the latest Stereo Sound Agent.

Willy Santos is now riding for Grind King Trucks and Jedidiah Clothing, out of San Diego.

C1RCA Team Update

Mark Appleyard recently competed at the 3rd Annual 2004 West 49th Canadian Open this past weekend in Toronto, which boasts itself as the largest skate contest in Eastern Canada. Alongside C1RCA team rider, Colt Cannon, who placed 2nd, Mark, without a practice run, placed 5th.

Mark is currently on his way back to Barcelona where he is set to film for the upcoming C1RCA video, to release in 2005. In the meantime, the rest of the C1RCA team is currently on their way to Denver and Salt Lake City filming for the video.

For more details on the Canadian Open please


After an amazing opening in Calgary, the 32 Inch Canvas show (sponsored by C1RCA and Giant45) made its way out to Vancouver picking up 30 new decks for the opening this past weekend at Livestock. The Toronto opening is Friday November 19th at Goodfoot — 431 Richmond West.


Colt Cannon is currently wrapping up a full length Spotlight for TransWorld SKATEboarding that is due out any month now.

In other news, C1RCA Flow rider Kurtis Calomonico placed 2nd at the Goofy VS Regular contest recently at Lake Forest. The Regular team won this time around but the Goofy crew, that also featured MVP Colt Cannon, didn’t make it an easy win.

Osiris team update

Jerry Hsu is in Tel Aviv right now on a trip with Kenny Reed, Justin Strubing, and Cairo Foster.  They are sure to be on their best behavior indeed. A photo article was put together in Mass Appeal containing some lost tour photos shot by Jerry. The article contained photos and a story about all the young girls that seem to throw themselves at the riders while on tour. The photos are sure to please.

The infamous Stu Graham is here visiting the states right now. he hails from Livingston, Scotland, a place  where the skaters are grimier, the bullies are tougher and guns are never seen. he is here in southern Cali to put his wheels down on every piece of ground we have to offer. whether it be the complete destruction of your local park or your local taco shop, he is having a blast doing it. he has been here for about 2 months already, and he has had at least 75 carne asada burritos. he’s the man. check out the Him N’ Bam video which features footage from all over Scotland, including a section by fellow Osiris teammate John Rattray. if you get a tape from Stu, don’t sleep on it.

Diego Bucchieri has been on a steady diet of travel since the beginning of the year. He has the last part for the new Toy Machine, Good and Evil. Look for an upcoming ad featuring the Butcher very soon. he is currently back at home after  being in Barcelona for a couple months.

Louie Barletta and Clint Peterson recently returned from a quick trip to Seattle to hang out at the annual Zumiez party. It was held at a bowling alley which served good excuse for the lurking taking place. Louie is down in San Diego right now working on some new shoes designs, and new coloways for the Barletta shoe.

Over Exposed is still in the works for Osiris Shoes this fall season. it is due to drop sometime early spring with complete parts from everyone on the team, there isn’t much that needs to be said.  Watch out for some footy of some upcoming talent as Over Exposed contains a team montage which showcases the talent of some of their younger skaters.

Although John Rattray suffered from knee problems earlier in the year, he kept his promise to exercise regularly and has since foound himself back on his board. He has already begun shooting photos. He’s back boys and girls.

The Beast Of The East Championship No.7

Nov. 19-21
Presented by Zoo York
East Coast Terminal
Johnson City, New York
(607) 729-3384
Nov 19, open practice
Nov 20, qualifying heats
Nov 21, semi finals and finals
Divisions: Advanced and Sponsored
For more info go to or call (732) 790-5169.