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Sole Technology CEO Donates Company Wide Support for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Today at the Sole Technology warehouse in Lake Forest, CEO Pierre Andre Senizergues and his employees joined together in sending off their gift-in-kind donation of 5,000 pairs of shoes and 5,000 pieces of apparel.

In a semi truck filled to the brim, the wearable contribution will head from Orange County straight to devastated areas and into the hands of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Those touched by the natural disaster are still in vital need of the basics and Sole Technology found an organization willing to make the connection.

While many nonprofits are collecting only monetary donations for Hurricane Katrina relief, the United Way’s funded organization Giving Children Hope has made the effort to accept any and all donations possible. The Orange County based organization aims to help children and their families gain self sufficiency and promises that “over 99% of all contributions provide direct aid to those who are helped!

Sole Technology and Giving Children Hope representatives worked together with forklifts to successfully load all 449 boxes on 16 pallets which totaled 9,091 pounds. In response to receiving a gift of this size, Giving Children Hope’s director of operations Kevin Turrill said, “we don’t see these kinds of gifts very often. I think it’s wonderful.

Again, Pierre Andre Senizergues displayed his dedication to helping those in need especially when relating to children and young adults. He has answered the national call to action and furthered his support by agreeing to match all monetary donations made by his Sole Technology employees. Senizergues responded, “as a company we were shocked by the amount of devastation that Hurricane Katrina left. It is not only a privilege to be in a position to help in a meaningful way, but it is our responsibility as a corporation to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much — even the shoes on their feet.