Monster Mastership’s Globe Shoes World Championships

Torrance, CA – April 26, 2001 – Once again, premier skateboarders from around the world will converge on Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany, to display their skills in the Monster Mastership’s Globe Shoes World Championships. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the largest and grandest skateboarding event in the entire world.

The dates for the event are set for June 30th through July 1st, 2001. Globe, makers of performance footwear and apparel for skateboarding, continues to be the title sponsor of this landmark event. VP of Marketing Kevin Flanagan says, “Globe takes great pride in supporting the skateboarding community. This longstanding event has a rich history and a reputation for backing the best skaters and their fans.”

Last year the Brazilian contingent was in full force rocking the course with incredible runs put in by Carlos de Andrade, Bob Burnquist, Fabrizio Santos, Rodrigo Teixeira, Rodil de Araujo Jr. and Ogi de Souza, to name but a few. From France, then fourteen-year-old Bastien Salabanzi blew minds with his technical mastery, including a huge kickflip frontside boardslide off the deck of the vert ramp and down the monster handrail.

Canadians Rick McCrank, Pierre Luc-Gagnon and Paul Machnau showed the great white north is not a country to be messed with. And of course, the United States flexed its mighty muscle with runs by the likes of Chad Fernandez, Eric Koston, Ryan Johnson, Mike Peterson, Chris Senn and Pat Channita. Eric Koston has long achieved god-like status in Germany and is greeted with hero worship and adulation from many of the European skaters who come from far and wide to view the contest. Representatives from other various countries last year included Arto Saari from Finland, Geoff Rowley from England, Rune Glifberg from Denmark and Renton Millar from Australia.

Each year the Globe World Championships has grown bigger and better and the 20th anniversary looks to blow the roof off. The event has been referred to as the “Wimbledon in Skateboarding,” but what tennis event has ever been known to accommodate tens of thousands of screaming fans jumping out of their seats as professional athletes perform feats that seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics?

The course itself uses every square inch of floor space in Westfalenhallen to create a skateboard wonderland. Pros from all over regard the course as one of the best each year. American ramp builder extraordinaire Dave Duncan will again oversee the design with help from local skate craftsmen to allow the skaters to push the limits of their abilities.

Yet another aspect of this amazing event is the concert that is held each year to celebrate the coming together of so many top athletes. Last year’s roster included Motorhead, Rollins Band and Ferris MC. Co-sponsored by MTV, the music performance again will feature top-notch acts that reflect the varied and discriminating tastes of skateboarders.

A special presentation including the legends of skateboarding, music and interviews will enhance the 20th anniversary celebration of the Globe World Championships. A special video is also planned featuring footage from the Hall of Fame which reads like a who’s who of skateboarding history. Past winners of the event have included Tony Hawk, Ed Templeton, Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, Brian Anderson, Willy Santos, Andy MacDonald, Mike Frazier, Chris Senn, Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero. The 20th annual Monster Mastership’s Globe Shoes World Championships this year in Dortmund, Germany, will build on a rock solid foundation and present an event that will set the standards of excellence in skateboarding contests for a long time to come.