Moscow Skatepark To Open

The first full-blown indoor skatepark in Russia is opening in Moscow this spring, offering year-round terrain for skaters accustomed to only five skateable months per year. Skate/snow distributor Kvant, which also operates shops in Moscow and publishes a glossy Russian-language skate/snow mag, owns the park.

The 6,000-square-foot skatepark is being built in an old bearing factory, which has been gutted and renovated. It will have a street course and vert ramp, and is part of a 21,000-square-foot indoor complex that includes shops, an Internet cafe, roller-hockey rink, arcade, pool hall, bar, and concert hall.

The idea behind the skatepark complex was to promote the skate lifestyle, which is still new and foreign to most Russians, sothe facilities are designed to attract a wide range of age groups.

The park is planning demos with top pros this year, and MTV Russia will be filming some segments there as well. Moscow Skatepark will be located at 31A Poliarnaya Street, across from the Medvedkovo Metro station in northern Moscow.