Mr. Tum Yeto Has Some News

Foundation News

Ethan Fowler has been busy all summer, touring through Europe, hitting Portland for skate camp and was has also been seen with Corey Duffel on secret SF filming missions for the upcoming Foundation video titled “THAT’S LIFE.”

Corey Duffel is rumored to have the cover of the next issue of one of the major mags, doing something gnarly of course. This is the way Corey usually does things. Corey got even crazier on his trip with his fellow F riders in Europe ollieing one of the biggest gaps I have ever seen anybody do.

Justin Strubing is back in his hometown San Francisco after spending his summer in Spain filming and touring.

Mike Rusczyk has a lot of great things up his sleeve. I’ve just seen some off the wall crazy footage only Mike could come up with. His part is going to stand out, like watching Mike skate in person.

Leo Romero is back in action after both of his ankles folded over. Leo cruised through Europe this summer and became a star overnight with his consistency and huge bag of tricks. Everybody loves Leo!!!! He F#%king kills it!!!!

Tony Silva spent some of his summer in the Colorado and Utah area filming for his upcoming Foundation part. While in Utah Tony discovered a little ripper name Angel. Angel was so good and cool Tony decided to kidnapped the kid and bring him down to San Diego to show everybody how good this kid skates. Angel is now on Foundation’s flow team.

Matt Allen is the newest edition to the Foundation team. Matt is amazing and will have a crazy part for “That’s Life”.

Tony Silva is gearing up for the Krux road trip. Leaving this week, some of the spots you can see them are Reno, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Pig Wheels News

The new Pig Wheels urethane is too good to be true: “Super hard and super fast and they last!!!!” Plus, the Pig Wheel riders have come up with 2 new cuts that will give every skater a better ride. The newest shapes are the Prime Cuts and the Gutter Cuts. The Prime Cuts are a lighter wheel with a bevel cut that saves the graphic. This bevel also allows you to turn and lock into grinds better. The Gutter Cuts are an even lighter wheel, and give you maximum grinding area on your trucks. Two new great ideas from Pig wheels!

Pig Wood News

Pig Wood welcomes Vancouver local Jesse Booi to its am team.

And don’t forget to check out Pig Brand Clothing for the newest threads.

Hollywood News

Everyone on the Hollywood team is working hard on their segments for the upcoming full length video. If you can’t wait until that hits your TV screen, Hollywood is in the final stages of editing a new tour video that includes footage from both the Freakshow tour, and the recent EU tour. The yet-to-be-named video will be a little teaser before the full length is released, and promises to deliver that dose of whoop ass you’ve been craving.

Top Secret news on the team front: Hollywood is developing a new team rider. It’s already in the works, we’ll have to wait and see who it will be.

Hollywood wheels? Yep, Hollywood is working on putting its wheel program together. No team as of yet, because they are concentrating on developing more of a variety of higher quality wheels before they bring on a team.

Kris Markovich has had a very busy in 2003, getting tons more tattoos, relayering the mini ramp at his house, and lots of heavy sessioning going down in general. Then just when the year is starting to wind down, Kris is gearing back up. . Kris is leaving for a trip to the Northwest on September 23rd, and will be hitting all the infamous parks with 88. Then in October, Kris is off to Sweden for a month to freeze his ass off demoing, skating vert, hanging with Millencollin, judging some contests…what a life! Kris’s new 88 shoe is going into production soon, and should be in shops by 2004. And look out for a baack yard mini ramp jam coming in the near future, with a BBQ, beer and a best trick contest.

Don Nguyen went under the knife this week for his knee. This is a long over-due surgery that will bring the Nuge back to 100% in no time.

James Atkin is on the Lights Out tour, going through the southwest. Look for an article on that soon.

The Transmission Japan video is in stores now, featuring all the HW guys that moonlight for Hurley.

Toy Machine News

Toy Machine just got back from a 3-week long tour of Europe, which was mostly demos and a ton of filming. Diego and Billy are reported to have been “sick with it,” stomping trick after trick, spot after spot. As you know the new full length Toy Machine video is in the works as we speak; titled “Good and Eivl,” I think this could be their best video yet! Watch for it around March 2004, maybe!

And just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Billy Marks is Toy Machine’s newest pro! His new pro models are in stock and flying off the shelves, literally. Billy well deserves his pro status, I might add. Just amazing!

Deathbox News

Last Sunday, Mr. Wentzle Ruml hyper-extended his right knee in a foot drag bail out situation while training on a fast ass GS course. Straight to the MRI machine he went, with mixed results: a moderate strain to his MCL with swelling and a bone bruise. We’re not sure how long he’ll be out of commission, but we are all wishing him the best to get well soon!