Muska splits with C1RCA, Suski on Birdhouse, and other news.

Chad Muska and C1RCA have gone their separate ways “amicably” as they put it in their press release. Rumors have it that Muska may be inking a high-profile deal with a shoe giant trying to break into the skateboarding market.

Aaron Suski, one of the most underrated all-terrain rippers out there, has hooked up with BIrdhouse after years under the radar with 5boro.

Donny Barley and Kenny Hughes are officially on Zoo York in case you hadn’t heard.Zoo’s pro roster looks like this:
Zered Bassett
Forrest Kirby
Rob Welsh
Kevin Taylor
Clyde Singleton
Joey Pepper
Donny Barley
Kenny Hughes
gnarly, huh?

Shaun White has joined the Adio pro team.