Nate Sherwood, Justin Strubing, and Zero

Nate Sherwood on Jacked?

Nate is unsure if he’s on the team or not, but he’s pretty sure he is the only team rider on JACKED out of Blitz as he’s getting paid. LISTEN TO NATE SHERWOOD t-shirts and the Nate Sherwood signature wheel are available from Blitz now.

Zero‘s new vid is slated to premiere on Halloween, almost two years to the date that Dying To Live premiered. Let’s hope for a better night out than the Spreckel’s martial law debacle. Early rumors have Jon Allie holding down last part rights, but don’t count out Tommy “Die Trying” Sandoval—he’s a man on a mission.

It’s still a MYSTERY as to where Justin Strubing will settle. Stay tuned as his sponsorship LEGACY unfolds.