Nate Sherwood On Infamous Skateboards (UPDATED)

Notorious Nate is now Infamous Nate! What happened with Stepsister Nate-O? Give us a call, we’re confused

UPDATE (As requested, Nate e-mailed us. So here is the deal straight from the horse’s mouth, 100% unedited because it’s too damn time-consuming to edit Nate’s text)…

“Sad news I was lildrunk the other day after work and I got a call from A close friendof mine Haroon in new Mexico aka the guy who built my he and me are starting a company called land line. it isgoing to be a bunch of low numbered art decks. none will be the same, each onewill be one of a kind. Anyway the guy who is pressing the wood Codywanted me to ride for “Infamous”, me and Cody then spoke and he made mean offer that well is better than anything I have ever made inskateboarding. I agreed but as i sobered up Greg Elston my homey fromback home in Portland as well as Will Glennon from Tampa called meafter I emaileda few cats about it and they reminded me of the legendary know Williams bobby Pouleo etc. C-Rad did i spell Bobby’s nameright? i am beat long night anyway, So I called up Cody and told himto hold the press release as well as the boards,I mean he needs tochange the name for sure. copy right infringement and mad heat that Igot from well people who I shall not name due to my fear of beingpunched and killed and black balled with good reason for being a partof a “biter company” lets put it like this people i do not want topiss off. I told Cody as well as Haroon yo we need a after a all conference call and tons of damage control Cody came upwith the name Ironic.

Ironic is the same wood etc and we will be building the team up in 08.I have some names in mind and a backer who has cash to spend so I wish to make this company something fun inventive and creative aswell as dropping some solid footage on line and in a free promo DVD.Cody and Haroon are both great humans to work with and I am lookingforward to this new venture with full creative control and aoptimistic out look on the future.

IRONIC should be coming out in FEB. the first line of boards will comewith a free DVD and TEE shirt. Stepsister is and was fun Eric is mymain homey for life but me and him both have day jobs and are dealingwith the adult grind to be able to run a company on our own.stepsister was a fun and I love with a passion that burns bridges so Ihope Eric and his backer do not get too pissed.”