Nate Sherwood–Team Manager

Factor54 announces the addition of Nate Sherwood to head up Skate team.

Factor54 is pleased to announce the addition of professional skateboarder and industry stalwart Nate Sherwood. Sherwood, a regular on Fuel TV’s “American Misfits” and feature skater in 411VM’s “Up for Grabs” will be coming in to run F54’s growing skate program.

“We were getting input from everyone we knew and then while talking to Tony Reddington (editor of FTK Mag) at ASR he yelled for Nate to come over and we just dug his whole approach to the industry right away” said F54 co-chief Ted Wueste from his office in Newport Beach.

“We have a lot of talent on this team and the program is at a point where it needs solid focus” said F54 founder and CEO Todd Miller. Miller went on to point out that to really build a skate program of any kind of serious scope it needs someone who has lived and breathed as a professional skateboarder as well as someone who knows what a team needs to be successful.

Sherwood will be helping pick talent both at the pro and amateur level as well as reviewing what events the Factor team will be attending. Nate is currently sponsored by eS Shoes, Ironic Skateboards, Kontrol wheels, and Willy Santos’ Willy’s Workshop.