Nate Update

I am as stoked as a crack head on a free box of Arm & Hammer baking soda about the new 411 video being out. I know haters, I heard it before, “go away, f—k off, we rule, you suck.” Okayfor one, you suck due to the fact you waste your life hating on me when you should be skating and getting coverage. That is another rant though.

For now I am just here to say this. If your shop does not have this video complain and steal anything you can get your hands on in the shop and run out. Tell them they suck. They can order it for free. Yes for those of you who do not know it is free with any order from 411 of any of their other raw vids. Get Familiar, aka. Chris Hall’s amazing video. Or Jereme Rogers Neighborhood. The 411 has Chad Barte, Jason W. Derek F. and TerellRobinson, killing it. I have my last part ever in it as well. Yes NaterHaters, my last part ever. So go pick it up ASAP. If you are an avidcollector of rare footage and feel like seeing the leftovers of mypart, please visit for more info and data. I am raising money for my Cat-scan bill and for my sinus surgery by slanging dvd’s of old footage of friends and antics, etc.—Nate Sherwood