As always, our globetrotting friend and Natural Koncept pro/owner Josh “JZ” Zickert jetsetted down to Miami this past December to check out Art Basel, get some shredding done in MIA, and get artsy fartsy in general. Here is his tale with the usual wild style photos to accompany it. Thanks for always giving us office donkeys a solid case of FOMO!

Words by Josh Zickert

It was getting really cold in NYC, and Art Basel was about to take place in Miami, so Cmart and I jumped on a plane to shred with the Miami crew. Natural Koncept’s am Boner flew out from Fredericksburg, Virginia for the last five days of this epic two-week trip and got mad footy for the next NK vid. Paul DeOlivera and Koki both work part time at the International Hostel (in the heart of South Beach), which is the raddest place ever—located across from MIA skateshop on 9th street. They both skate for MIA (be sure to check out Paul's part in the "bro's" section of Creepin' for Life)—Danny Fuenzalida, Richie Zuczek, Joel Meinholz, Dango, DJ, Matt Roy, Jose "Talcual" Velez from Medellin, Christian "Maluco" Elizondo, and Nicolas Ferrando from Santiago, Chile completed the crew.

Danny Fuenzalida styled us out tough. He was free everyday to skate and took us to a bunch of his hidden gems. Steezy breezy backside noseblunt-slide at the beach. Photo: Matt Roy

Each day we would wake up, eat free breakfast, skate two blocks to the beach, check out the hotties suntanning (sometimes topless), swim in the ocean, meet up with the crew at MIA, then hit the streets. It was paradise! At night we either skated downtown or played ping-pong at the hostel. Our last night in Miami, Danny Fuenzalida won 100 dollars in a ping-pong tournament at Club Chalk.
During Art Basel we hit the Milk Studios party in the Wynwood district, Terry Richardson's party at the Standard Hotel, Joel Meinholz's Chocolate Sundays /Slap's 20 Year Anniversary Party at Purdy Lounge. Jay-Z and Beyonce made an appearance at Miami hot spot LIV so we had to check that out. Good Looks DJ Vitale, DJ Sinatra, Tatanka, Flip, and Charlie Garcia for lacing us up.

Everyday the crew met up at MIA.

Get out to Miami for Art Basel, stay at the International Hostel and enjoy skating the dopest spots in Miami! Check out the Miami Bonus section in the next NK video. It's gonna be sick.
A big shout out to Arizona Iced Tea and Milk Studios for always looking out for the NK crew!

Koki kickflipped this glass rail a few days before our arrival. Security was quick on the draw this particular night in downtown so Koki threw down this ollie for us first try. Look out for Koki's footage in Mike Atwood's newest video Incognito. Photo: Cmart

Art Basel is based in the Wynwood district, which is near downtown and known as "Little San Juan." Thousands of artists’ works are featured in nearly 100 galleries spread throughout the neighborhood. There are endless street art and graffiti murals lit up all night. I'm hoping Katch 1 can make it out to Art Basel 2013!

Joel Meinholz was hella busy during the Art Basel madness but made time to skate everyday with the crew. Gap over the rail to 50-50 on the ledge. Sick! Photo: Matt Roy

We skated this pool four times during our stay in Miami. Within 10 minutes each day, the same lady would scream out her window that she was calling the cops. And she did. With just a few minutes left in the sesh, Boner threw a proper "money grab" in the deep end that would make Kale Sandridge proud. Natural Koncept represent! Photo: Matt Roy

One night we ended up at P. Diddy's mansion. Miami is amazing.

JZ, frontside 50-50. Photo: Charlie Garcia

Boner. backside lipslide. Photo: Matt Roy