Natural Koncept US Tour Pt 2

Natural Koncept pro and CEO Josh “JZ” Zickert just sent over part two of their wild month-long US tour. Take some time to have a read and peep the massive photo gallery. Part 1 here.

Photos by CMART, words by JZ

At this moment I'm Santiago, Chile drinking a beer, reflecting on the second half of NK's Creepin' for Life USA tour. It was one badass trip that lasted for a month!

Birmingham, Alabama was off the hook! We kicked it at Faith skate shop, scoped the new Shake Junt video and then skated the ghetto banks. What an awesome spot. It was a perfectly sunny day in Alabama and the crew was on fire! Tricks were going down by the minute. Kays crushed it.

17 Gnarly poppin a fs ollie in Birmingham.jpg
16 Reilly Fs feebleGhetto Banks.jpg
49smith grind on the 10 foot.jpg
47JZ fs rock n roll slideSpringfieldMO.jpg
46Springfield Skatepark Missouri.jpg
45Boner can skate everythingNK4lifefs lein air.jpg
44cold outsideBoner with a massive 180.jpg
42Adrian McElhaneyHydrant Ollie.jpg
39Reilly.Crooks in Memphis.jpg
395TrevorNollie noseslide in Memphis.jpg
38Boner try Backlip.jpg
37Reilly crushin it with blunt kickflip out.jpg
66Soup kid reps Denver tough.jpg
69Team photoDenver.jpg
17Cmart as Santa costume in Santa FeNM.jpg
18Beyond WavesNK crew.jpg
213Tail drop to faceplant.jpg
231dead bird guts below.jpg
29 The crowd loved it.jpg
30These girls were hyped.jpg
32gapped to manny on the ledge.jpg
27Good times in Las Vegas.jpg
221NK CrewLas Vegas.jpg
37 over the death box.jpg
35 Transworld Headquarters.jpg
36 his brother celebrate his first pro model graphic.jpg
82 Angeles.jpg
84jumping on a flight back his hometown of BristolCT.jpg

Later in the day we seshed a dope double set and the final spot of the day was a grimy bump to bump. The cops showed up, but after seeing IDs from so many different states they were over trying to bust us. Later that night we hit up the clubs. It was a nice breather after being on the road for a couple weeks.

Things took a turn for the worse in Birmingham. The bed bugs got us. Those little f--kers suck! Whatever. Shit happens on tour, especially when you stay at ghetto Motel 6s the entire way.

On the way to Tennessee, Boner spotted a huge hubba so we pulled over and he frontside 180'd it within a few tries. It was pitch black and the run up was skinny. He nearly frontside flipped it too! Crazy.

Memphis is a skater's paradise. Downtown was full of spots, especially a tranny style sculpture in front of the police station. Davis nailed a 360 flipped to fakie real quick. Kays scooped a rad line, the cops were called and we were out like bandits. Next was the courthouse. With only a few minutes to skate it, Reilly pulled a blunt kickflip to fakie on the skinny quarterpipe out front. We found the perfect rail overlooking the city of Memphis, Boner backlipped and kickflipped it first try. Trevor hit a clean nollie noseslide on it. Adrian popped a dope ollie over this hydrant off a curb cut, and then it was time to grub so we ate at Tops, a famous BBQ spot open since 1952!

Springfield, Missouri was rad. The demo at Springfiel Skatepark was packed and our crew threw down. We also went to the mall and caused some ruckus.  Shout outs to Gnartard! He sold his car to get the NK team to Missouri. Amazing.

Denver was the shit! The premiere went off. Dave and Trevor run a tight game in D-town! We got styled out at the Burnsley Suites and everyone got wild in the mile high city. It was cold but we skated the park for a couple hours on the second day. We chilled at 303 with the crew and picked up 20 boards and more Arizona Iced Tea for the remaining five days of the tour.

We had to keep a move on as Blair Alley was meeting us in Vegas the next night. So we jetted to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a premiere at one of the coolest shops ever--Beyond Waves. They have supported NK since 2001. Rick and his three brothers run the shop and they crush it. We kicked it in Santa Fe ’til midnight, scored some delicious Mexican food and then Kays drove the five hour journey to Flagstaff, Arizona.

We made it to Vegas the next day around 6pm and had reservations at Hooters hotel/casino. Everyone was stoked to be in Vegas. We picked up Blair Alley from the airport and were ready to shred the strip. Unfortunately Lai Wing had smashed his face right off the bat at the MGM banks. He dropped in from the top rail and slid out to face bash, he was blacked out for a moment, broken glasses, blood stain on the sidewalk, etc. so Gnarly. We kept it going and thrashed an abandoned pool (with the most toxic liquid and a large dead bird in the bottom of it) right on the strip. Boner, Gnarly, Kays, and I had a fun session before getting the boot from security. From this point it was complete madness skating along the strip--three hours skating with open containers while flying down the street, skating inside casinos like Venitian, Paris, and NY,NY. Boner dropped in to manny at the fountain in front of Bally's! We seshed a hip in the middle of the street next the new City Center Casino for 30 minutes--it was chaotic as ever. The night ended around 9am after a couple hours at the Crazy Horse and then a few hours rolling dice at the Tropicana--Kays, Cmart, Davis, JJ, Blair, and I were causing some serious havoc. We got kicked out eventually.

After six or seven hours of sleep, we were off to San Diego the next day. We arrived at Adrian McElhaney's crib in SD at 8pm. We chilled out and then met up with Blair again for a downtown session. We bombed the famous Concourse garage and cruised through the city and finished it off with a couple brews at Star Bar. The next day we skated the TransWorld park with Fitz, Blair, Cuong, David Jurusic, and Kevin Duffel. It was epic. The whole crew ripped it up, especially Boner who was on fire! The premiere took place at Bluefoot Lounge in North Park. Smolik, Dan Connelly, Tyler Surrey, Slash, Windsor, David Reyes, the whole TransWorld crew and more were in attendance. It was one of the biggest nights of the tour! People were stoked on the video and the energy was peaking! It was full on party mode!

The next day we drove to Bob Gnarly's pad in Echo Park and had the final premiere of the tour at an art gallery on Melrose. It was an awesome venue--a huge bonfire, a ton of beer and a huge screen to watch the movie. Seu Trinh and Cullen Poythress were in attendance as well. We raffled off a Bob Gnarly deck and a signed Katch1 book. The crowd was hyped and so was the NK crew.

We skated the Brooklyn Projects ramp (thanks DJ Chavez) the next day and the crew took off throughout the day catching flights home. JJ, Boner, Cmart and I were the last ones to LAX. When I returned the rental van, they said there would be a $5,000 charge to leave the van in L.A. My only option was to drive the van back to Philadelphia where we rented it. So I left L.A. the next day and arrived in Philly three days later after a solo 2,875-mile drive.

It was by far the raddest tour NK has ever done. The video premieres went off--it was 28 days of madness. Get to your local shop and ask for the Creepin' for Life DVD and look out for a tour video dropping this Summer! A big shout out to our sponsors!

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