Natural Koncept’s ‘Derrapando Las Calles’ Mexico City Tour

Natural Koncept wrapped up a tour to Mexico City recently. Team captain Josh “JZ” Zickert sent over another tour report.

Words by Josh Zickert, Photos by Chris Martin

The morning of March 6, 2013 Chris “Cmart Martin, Boner, Penguin Pat and I were leaving JFK on a Delta flight to meet up with the Natural Koncept posse of Dave Davis, Chris Kays, Lai Wing, and Bob Gnarly in Mexico City for the "Derranpando Las Calles" Tour (which translates to  Screechin' in the Streets)! Yeah, we couldn't believe it either. For months I had been telling everyone to get their passports in order. It's happening this winter for sure (I hoped and dreamed).  Thanks to Arizona Iced Tea and Milk Studios it did happen. It went down tough as f—k!

Boner ollies for the children.

We landed a few hours before the rest of the crew, so we hopped on the metro to the heart of Mexico City, the largest plaza in all of Latin America, the Zocalo. It's been the central gathering place since Aztec times for celebration as well as protest. It was truly an awesome experience walking up from the train tracks below and seeing the most gorgeous castle like building and plaza ever built. It was just two blocks from the famous Hotel Isabel which would be our central hangout/meet up spot for the next eight days. It was madness at all times of the day, and it was Spring Break!

Everyone except for Bob Gnarly had arrived by 10 p.m. We skated around the hood, bombed a parking garage with sketchy banks along the side, Boner steezed out a quick ollie over a metro station handicap rail—in front of the police. We ate loads of bistec and chorizo tacos on our block (5 tacos for 20 pesos) along with cold Coca Colas in the bottle. We figured at this point Bob Gnarly was not going to make the tour and we were right. Apparently court issues prevented Mr. Bobby Rodriguez from leaving the good ole' USA.

Chris Kays, noseblunt in the snake run.

The first full day skating we took the metro to Alibrije Skateshop located at Plaza de la Cultura. The skaters at the shop immediately took us to a snake run constructed in the 1970s with a tight vert bowl at the end. After an epic session getting tricks, snappin' photos and scoopin' footy we headed to a massive stage gap ollie that Boner nailed first try. The local groms were stoked! At this point we had nearly 50 skaters in our crew literally screeching through the streets, through old Aztec ruins and more. It was awesome! We jumped back on the metro to the colorful famous park, Monument de la Madre.

The freshly painted Chubacano banks were the jump off spot for day 3. It was another gorgeous summer-like sesh and we all got tricks. No hassle from the police, just easy breezy chillin and skating.

As nighttime approached we had made our way to Plaza de le Republica and a witnessed a laser light/water fountain show comparable to The Bellagio’s fountain show in Las Vegas. It was Friday night and hundreds of people were running through it.  It was seriously amazing, the plaza was bumpin' with drums, crowds, and excitement.  To top if off we paid the admission fee to the Museo Nacional de la Revolucion and took an elevator ride so high up in the air Davis was nearly sick. It was an incredible view of the city! Another epic day indeed.

Our last two days we seshed street spots with Turtle, Isaac, Polo, and Nelson. First spot of the day we hit the banks at Aculco metro stop. Towards the end of the session I gap ollied into a steep bank and slid out on the first try.  So I took one more attempt at it and ended up blasting my tooth out and splitting my chin open. Turtle, Davis and Polo took me to the hospital for stitches. We rejoined the crew later at the hotel and got ready for our last day of street skating.

Dave Davis, frontside flip for the demo fans.

After eight days, we all flew back to NYC, Hawaii, Denver, and Santa Cruz. I can't wait for the next NK tour. Hoping it's gonna be in Europe this summer along with Reilly, Adrian, Choppy, Katch, and Bobby! Then we’re gonna try and drop our next video towards the end of 2013.

Thanks again to Arizona Iced Tea, Milk Studios and of course TransWorld for all the support!