NEW BONES SWISS PROS: Haslam, D. Garcia, PJ, Stevie, Gallant, Zered, Molinar & Curtain

Bones Swiss has upped the ante in the battle for “Largest Skate Team Ever.” Don’t believe us? Check the press release…

Team News
Bones Swiss Bearings is the proven best. 24 years of performance and the best keeps getting better. Just ask new Bones Swiss pros Chris Haslam, Danny Garcia, PJ Ladd, Stevie Williams, Ryan Gallant, Zered Bassett, Raymond Molinar and Jack Curtain. They join the best bearings team in the industry.Pros

Donny Barley
Louie Barletta
Zered Bassett
Caswell Berry
Steve Caballero
Devine Calloway
Colt Cannon
John Cardiel
Alex Chalmers
Jack Curtain
Danny Fuenzalida
Cairo Foster
Ryan Gallant
Danny Garcia
Chris Haslam
Kenny Hughes
Jerry Hsu
Marc Johnson
PJ Ladd
And the list goes on!