New Crail Catalog Spring 2010

picture-14A new year brings new tidings for everyone—some good, some bad, some great. In the world of skating, it's that line of springtime things for us to look at and marvel over, which also come along. And, so it goes for Crailtap. They've released their 19th Wallride Catalog, with an always smart-aleck intro from part owner Megan Baltimore about all the new lessons she's learned about the skill of keeping your board on your feet, the difference between a ramp and a bowl, how some people have better styles than others and what a game of S.K.A.T.E. is. Take a look at their newest product from Girl, Chocolate and Royal—the Vince Capaldi board graphic and the one-offs, which are probably a response to fans’ calls to make Hershel’s Greatest Misses reality. Too funny from the skater-owned and operated Crail family.