New Deal Blazes Ahead-Major UK distributor unfazed by tragic fire

London, England-

Britain’s largest skateboard distribution company, New Deal UK (NDUK), and sister company Warrior Distribution experienced a tragic fire that burned their brand-new state-of-the-art office and warehouse facility to the ground on August 7. The facility opened last fall.

Remarkably, NDUK Director Marc Ball had moved key employees into nearby temporary offices within twelve hours of the fire, and within 72 hours the company’s American suppliers had already started shipping emergency rush orders to replace destroyed stock.

“It’s important for us to remain positive and to try our best to not disrupt the service and distribution that we offer retailers in the UK,” says NDUK’s Alex Cock. “Fortunately no one was hurt, and that’s the most important thing.”

According to a company press release sent out during ASR, within a week of the fire, “NDUK and Warrior had taken possession of a new warehouse and started to receive the shipments of fresh stock including all the orders which had been sent before the fire.”

Less than a month after the fire, NDUK and Warrior had moved their offices from the temporary location into a new warehouse building, becoming fully operational again.

According to the BBC, the blaze was one of the biggest in London this year and is suspected to have started at the perfume factory next door, later spreading to the distribution center and reducing it to molten metal and rubble, according to a company press release.

New Deal Skates UK Limited started in 1989 at Harrow Skatepark, later moving to a nearby warehouse. In 2003 the company moved to a custom-designed building-with features such as a call center designed for 50 sales agents, and described by the BBC as the size of a soccer field. -SH