New Flip Am: Luan De Oliveira

Flip wasted no time officially signing up the ‘lil champ from 2007’s GvR contest: Laun De Oliveira. Check their press release…

Suddenly, there is a new rider on Flip. Two days after officially getting on the team, he won the recent GVR contest, beating many of skating’s current elite. Luan is a natural fit for the Flip Team; always smiling, always progressing and probably better than you!
Luan comes from Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil, and has been secretly skating there for the last seven years. It’s probably no coincidence that Ronaldinho (the world’s #1 soccer player) comes from his home town, and Luan looks like he is going to make a similar impact on our skateboarding world.
He has only just turned 17, and you can bet your money this young gun is not going to be a “Man Am”.

Luan DeOliveira
DOB. 09/ 22/ 1990
HOMETOWN; Porto Alegre Brazil