New Forum For Industry Opinions

Oceanside, CA —

In response to a growing need for an online message board, similar to those held by consumer skateboard magazines, TransWorld SKATEboarding Business magazine launched a message board on it’s popular website on April 22.

The message board will serve many purposes, including being a forum for retailers, companies, and manufacturers to post their opinions, perspectives, and knowledge on current events, and ongoing issues affecting the skateboard industry.

“It’s about time skateboarding’s industry had a place to gather—be it on the Internet—and discuss what’s on their mind, says Saba Haider, editor of SKATE Biz. “Up until now, the skateboard industry didn’t have a ‘public’ place to voice opinions and concerns to each other. Our hope is that this message board will change that.

“Our aspiration for this message board is for the industry to pool their perspectives, share ideas, and benefit everyone in both the short- and long-term. It’s something the industry has never had, adds Haider.

Dave Swift is the editor-in-chief of TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine. He support’s Haider’s decision to implement a message board on the SKATE Biz website. “Saba’s got enough love for skateboarding to choke a horse, he says.

The message board will launch at nine a.m. (PST) on Tuesday April 22, on It can be found at the message board link, to the right of the front page on the website, and can not be linked from TransWorld SKATEboarding’s site:

“I’m both curious and excited to see how retailers, companies, and manufacturers respond to the message board, says Haider. “Hopefully they’ll see it’s value, and respond to it constructively.