New P Rod Vid, High Grade & Grind King News, Active Demo

New P Rod video, Forecast. Coming out this fall. Check the flyer. Trailer coming soon, maybe.

High Grade Distribution News

Lucian Moon’s birth of Yellow Brand Skateboards welcomes a new pro to the team joining John Buchanan. it is confirmation hearing that Mr Ryan Nix will have a pro model(ole dirty nix) out come ASR time Sept along with more yellow propaganda to follow suit. check out for team footy clips and anti-Bush website links- Yellow has also capitaved the young mind and talents of am rider, Brian Downey, hailing outta FL-

The Satori tour chronicles video just keeps evolving onto astrological planes- the video title will debut as Mapping Time in Space with the Satori team in full mass featuring unseen cuts of tours around the world highlighted with a plethora of new street footage to entice the eyes and ears- due out by Thanksgiving 05.

Robert Lopez Mont of Puerto Rico is jumping down and onto large things with his monthly supply of Satori wheels and will have a full part in Mapping Time in Space

Any fans of Matt Rodriquez out there? (Have you seen the new Ipath promo DVD? Amazing footage!) be prepared for the Uprize on the horizon- Being established to promote real skateboarding and cultural skateboarders, High Grade Distribution, is proud to announce that Matt Rodriquez has started his own company, Uprize Skateboards. with board constructions featuring Bamboo veneers and a classical quality style, HGD is proud to offer Uprize Skateboarding to the masses. check in with for a full team rooster and more info. 

Active Demo

Laguna Hills Skatepark
Friday July 29th 6 – 7:30pm
25401 Paseo De Valencia

More Info call Irvine Active: 949.955.1058

Special Pro/Am Appearances by: Birdhouse, Ambiguous, Real, Anti Hero, Element, Rasa Libre, Analog and More! We will be holding a best trick contest and bringing free Hot Dogs and drinks for everyone and giving away lots of goods! The Dwindle Ice Cream truck will also be there giving away tons of free product, so don’t miss it!

Grind King News

Over the past 3 months, Kevin Lewis, our new team manager has been rebuilding the GK Truck Company team, and the results are in…

We are proud to announce our 2005 GK team:

Jeron Wilson, Joey Brezinski, Quim Cardona, Willy Santos, Adrian Williams, Nigel Alexander, & Chris Gregson .