New Vestal Watch Exclusive


Watch designer’s penetration of higher end boutiques expected to acceleratewith arrival of SABBATH EDITION DESTROYER

VESTAL continues its creative advance on the high-end retail boutique marketwith the launch of its exclusive Sabbath Edition Destroyer. Theannouncement of this new design presents VESTAL’s innovative entry as thefirst oversized metal cuff watch of its kind. The limited edition SabbathEdition Destroyer positions the VESTAL brand on the forefront of afast-growing, upscale, forward-thinking consumer segment.

“VESTAL’s new Sabbath Edition Destroyer is one of the only companionaccessory watch choices out there that goes with the exploding men’slifestyle and premium denim market, ” opines VESTAL president/founder DavidBonaventura. “The Destroyer’s size combined with simplistic lines hashelped create a new category for our brand. We can now provide ourcustomers with a unique timepiece that supports their Rock-n- Rolllifestyle,” adds Bonaventura.

“The Sabbath Edition Destroyer is really going to help us build momentum inthis new emerging lifestyle category. We have had great success with our2004 Vol. 6 collection, ” says Bonaventura.

The Sabbath Edition Destroyer will only be made available to a select groupof premium retailers as of October 1.

Design Specs:

SABBATH EDITION DESTROYER is the premium, upscaled and deeply all blackversion of VESTAL’s widely popular DESTROYER model. Built for a thick wrist,this timepiece comes with an oversized stainless steel case, all-blackventilated solid steel contoured cuff, a custom-etched caseback, and agauged locking clasp – the first oversized stainless steel ventilated cuffof its time. Brutally dignified, this water -resistant, stealth heavyweightfeatures a special design detail only available from VESTAL.

SABBATH EDITION DESTROYER can be previewed by contacting Marty Kish atVESTAL or by appointment only at the recently opened VESTAL showroom at 6Times Square in New York City. Arrival at premium VESTAL dealers is slatedfor Oct 1.

TBC & POOL – trade shows

VESTAL’s International representatives and upcoming collection will beavailable by appointment at TBC trade show in NYC (July 18-19) and POOLtrade show in Las Vegas (Aug. 30-Sept 1). Please contact Marty Kish or 949-631-7036 x17.

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