News At Powell

Steve Caballero has added Pro-Tec to his list of sponsors and will be sportinghis own signature helmet. Word on the street is that CAB will be releasing acollectible, action figure along with three other pros.

Pat Channita went on a tour to Argentina and Paraguay with Reef Brazil Shoes. Pat has also finished another semester of college and is the WCS 1999 street champion, congratulations Pat.

Jason Ellis is happily married and the wedding was a beautiful success. Jason did some demos with Colin McKay and Andy Mac during January in his home country of Australia.

Andy Macdonald set a goal to be 1999 WCS vert champion at the start of 1999 and at the end of the year finished as 1999 WCS overall and 1999 WCS vert champion! He also finished 2nd to Pat Channita for street. Andy spent three days with CNN filming for a segment that they are putting together for a five part series on drug use among teens in America.