News From Powell

Jon Comer will be a brand new resident of California starting January 4th. He will grab his family and head out west to meet up with fellow teammate Rodney Jones . Congratulations go out to Jason Ellis who recently got married. Look for Jason to be returning to our shores early next year. Moses Itkonen is back in Canada after working in sunny California for a week. Moses has been working long hard hours in hopes of making his RDS Clothing line a huge success. Andy Macdonald is the newest Board member at the Mission Valley YMCA, lending his expertise to their skatepark program.

Powell am Javier Sarmiento for once in his life is excited about going on a road trip away from his homeland Spain. He will fly into Brazil and meet up with Anthony Claravall for a two-week filming trip. What’s up with Gianni Zattoni ? He can’t wait to finish his public service and come out here to skate with everyone. He should be moving here in early Spring. Paul Machnau has been going to physical therapy for his ankle. He says it “feels good” and he is being optimistic about a quick return. He feels that he should be back on his board sometime in January.