News of the Week – April 20, 2004

More Stuff To Do At Slam City

The West 49 and Pro-tec Public Skatepark that clocks in at 15,000 square feet filled with benches, rails, ramps, and wedges will be seeing three days of nonstop action. On Friday, April 30 kids can take a run at the world record for most consecutive kickflips.

New Era Sound Stage will be hosting over 70 local performers throughout the weekend plus MCs, DJs, B-boys/girls and spoken word artists. The Marketplace will have over 60 exhibitors showcasing the latest in skateboarding, youth, and community-minded products, projects, and companies. The Skatelounge will host a Skate Video Fest, and there's also the AntiSocial Art Gallery.

Event Schedule

Friday, April 30: street qualifiers, Pro-tec Challenge open to all attendees–most consecutive kickflips wins one week at Vans Skate Camp and the world record title.

New at Slam this year is a jam format for street qualifiers.

Saturday, May 1: street semi-finals and vert qualifiers.

The top 36 skaters from Friday's qualifier join the 35 WCS 2003 North American ranked skaters, plus the top five from GWC Australia 2004 and four wild cards from street semi-finals.

The vert qualifiers are on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, May 2: street and vert Finals. Girls street qualifying and vert jam will start off the day. Men's street and vert finals are in the afternoon. Last year's Slam street champion, Ryan Sheckler, advances directly to the finals, as does last year's Slam vert champion Sandro Dias. The finals are followed by the always exciting best trick contests: For street there's Bones Wheels' Big Rail, Vans' Farthest Gap, and Sessions' Gap To Rail. For vert there's VanCity Lip Trick and Westbeach “Bio” Air.

Saturday, May 1: The Penthouse at 1019 Seymour, the Natural Koncept video will premiere alongside a bikini contest. Check out for details. To request a media accreditation form or more info, please contact Publicist Lauren Burrows at

Phoenix Am Contest

The annual C1RCA Phoenix Am took place April 2—4.

Huntington Beach resident and C1RCA flow teamrider Colin Provost took first place. Grant Patterson won the 1,000-dollar best-trick contest with a nollie heelflip noseslide on what could only be described as the “big ass rail”.  

All proceeds from the PHXAM contest go to Desert West “Build A Bowl” project, which has raised over 52,000 dollars toward the construction of a new park.

C1RCA News

Mark Appleyard is back in Huntington much to his distaste.  He found that letting his car insurance go unpaid didn't do much for his premium, so he has written off driving and plans to head back to Spain where he can skate to get around. His new shoe, the MA207, will be out soon. Adrian Lopez is about to embark on a packed tour with all of the Mystery and Zero teams across Canada and the U.S. flow rider Sierra Fellers will be joining the tour. 

The C1RCA team finished up its tour of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The story is going to be in the August issue of TransWorld SKATEboarding. A European/Scandinavian tour is in the works for early summer.

Vision Happenings

Vision Footwear has added the following ams to the team: Chris Hamrock and Paul Perry. Check out all the new shoes and old school shoes at 


Fallen is preparing for it's second weeklong tour to hit the Midwest in late May. Check updates on the teaam and tour schedules at the new Web site: