It all started when we saw an Instagram posted by @lord_pillage aka Peter Smolik, of him sitting in Osiris' design room with founder/designer Brian Reid. Could it be? The ODS back on the big O!? Then rumors started swirling that Tyrone Olson was back on and there was a The Storm reunion brewing. We had to investigate…
Turns out, rereleases of Smolik and T-Bone's classic pro models as well as the infamous Smolik Athletic Gear (S.A.G.) will be dropping soon. Will The Storm II be a reality as well? We spoke to Peter, Tyrone, and Osiris founder/designer Brian Reid and got the scoop.

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Interviews by Blair Alley


We never stopped selling the D3, but all of a sudden its popularity picked up a little bit. We were like, maybe we should reach out to Mayhew, and we thought it would be cool to see where everybody else stands. Tyrone is still skating, Smolik is still skating—we threw around the idea and enough time has passed for a lot of people and nostalgia is kicking in, the opportunity is great for people who were around and killing it and are sort of legends. We're trying to get the band back together for as many people as we can and are down to do it.
We haven't figured out what it is, but the talk right now is to get the guys back, and maybe just at a tradeshow, play The Storm and have a cool party, where everyone from that time is invited. Even some former team riders like Dylan Rieder and Torey Pudwill who rode for us when they were kids. Just hang out and talk about what's been going on in the past 20 years.
We're trying to do, not necessarily reissues of the shoes, but throwback, inspired-by shoes. A lot of our tooling from that time doesn't exist. It's more of a tribute type thing. These guys were rockin' and rolling with us when the company was killing it. We were the Diamond Supply of skateboarding at that time, or the Nike, you name it. We had eight pages of advertising in TransWorld. We were on the highest roll we were ever on, and when that came to an end, a lot of things don't end well. Some pros are faced with their careers coming to an end. Peter and I have a history where we didn't get along at a certain point, and that happened with Tyrone as well, but as time goes on, you realize that's kid shit or business that had to happen. Us coming back together, everyone has grown up and understands business and the opportunity that's available to us. It's nice to bury the hatchet. I was working with Smolik the other day, and there's the famous Ecto Green colorway story, I don't know if you heard it…

Yeah, it's supposedly the reason he quit, the colorway of his shoe?
Legend, man [laughs]! I even made a joke when we were laying out colorways, like "Dude, we could do the limited-edition Ecto Green!" He was like, "Yeah!" It's cool to laugh about stupid things. We all had a great time at one point and traveled the world, had dope dinners. I'd rather focus on that stuff and joke about all the stupid stuff.
Brandon has been on the team and because he's still doing it, we're gonna do a throwback on his shoe too. With shoes being less chubby and more streamlined, a lot of the shoes had really good design elements, it was just they were extra puffed. So you bring some of those things down and Peter's shoe actually looks really dope, Tyrone's shoe looks great, everything looks good.

Are we gonna see a return of the Smolik Athletic Gear?
Yeah, we're gonna do it, probably limited-edition. His shoe is set up to be a cleaner version of how that works. There's no TPR patch, it's gonna be super stealthy and upgraded. Whether you have it or not, it's going to look good.


The direct influence, ODS x SAG. 1999.


When did Brian Reid reach out to you, or how did it go down?
He reached out to me about a month ago and said he'd like to get some of the riders back, and I'm willing to do it. Go back to the roots, you know?

What shoe of yours are they remaking? The Chronic Under The Tongue (C.U.T.)?
Yeah, my first shoe.

Is it going to have a stach pocket too?
I was considering that, keep it OG. We'll see.

T-Bone and the C.U.T., 1997

T-Bone and the C.U.T., 1997

Any other The Storm related nostalgia we can look forward to?
I'd like to do The Storm II. I think a lot of people would look forward to that one. Get some of the new riders and some of the old riders, make it happen.

You got a full part in you?
I do, I have a video part coming out with my board company I'm doing called Washed Up Warriors. We're gonna drop a video in about a month called Shits And Giggles.

Have you been talking to Smolik about everything lately?
Yeah, I saw Smolik at the skatepark. I haven't seen what his shoe is looking like, but Brandon saw a peek of mine and he was hyped on it.

Did you ever think in 2016 you guys would all be back at Osiris designing shoes?
I did not think that would be happening. I thought they hated me, or whatever went down back in the day. People got too high and mighty and a lot of things split up. You gotta carry on with life and things come back in a big circle sometimes. Learn and grow from it and move forward. Getting angry doesn't do anything for me. I skate everyday, I'm 41 now and I've been filming and editing and doing my own stuff.

@Tboneolson_tclips on Instagram right?
Yup and I've already made two other videos. I just keep it cracking and do what I love and live in San Diego and not Wisconsin where it's freezing in the winter [laughs].

So how did this reunion start for you?
Brandon Turner actually mentioned it to me. Osiris hit up Brandon like, "What if we threw Peter some money to try and do something." And that was not even me being on the team. Just paying me to run the shoe again. I was like, "Fuck that, if I'm gonna fuck with somebody, I'm gonna do it with heart." It's been so many years, all that stuff is long gone. I'm just stoked to create with people who let me create. They got my back and I'm hyped on it.

Reid said it's gonna be called Osiris OGs, so are you back on the team or is it like a tribute reissue?
I'm fully back on the squad. We got some product coming, it's gonna be sick.

Reid said the shoe will be an updated version because the tooling they used back then doesn't even exist anymore.
That's why the shoes were so puffy back in the day, everybody used to slap materials on materials on materials. Now the materials are a lot thinner and more durable. It's gonna be the 075-squared, that's pager code for ODS part two.

Smolik Athletic Gear coming back too?
Yeah, we're gonna have the release party at the strip club fool.

Hell yeah, why not fool!? It's your lap dance pants, you out your god damn mind fool!? For sure! First try.

What about doing another Storm video? T-Bone says he wants to do The Storm II.
Fuck it, we'll bring the hurricane. The Storm already passed homie, let's get the hurricane on and the tornado. Hurricane and tornado French kiss in America, or in France, or on this world, I don't give a fuck where it is, but that's what the video's gonna be like.

You got a full part in you? You ready to go?
I'm gettin' there. I was hurt the whole first half of this year. I got certain tricks that feel comfortable, but to get them all back, it's gonna take a little while. It all depends on the spot and how much fun the vibe is—you could do something immaculate out of nowhere. Or you could just train. I ain't gonna claim that I'm gonna skate for the San Diego Chargers because they been suckin' lately.

Fuck the Chargers. Fuck the Spanos family.
I skate for the San Diego Pillagers [laughs].

Reid said when you were designing the new shoe, he made a joke about the Ecto Green colorway. What was the original story?
I'll fuck with Slimer now dude. Fuck it. Back at that time I wasn't fuckin' with no stupid-ass Ecto Green, now I'm fuckin' with it. Muthafuckin' Creature is tight fool, they got Ecto Green on their shit and that shit look cool.

So originally you saw that colorway and you weren't feeling it?
Well they just threw some shit out there and I told them not to do it, I didn't like that colorway. We've already had interviews about this shit, but long story longer, I didn't like that colorway and certain situations went down. Now it's a positive aspect of our life and the life of Osiris and all the friends that are involved.

And it’s on !!! R.L.P.

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