Nike Omar Salazar Video & Shoe

Nike Skateboarding has launched the new Omar Salazar LR shoe. To celebrate the launch, it’s created a new science fiction-inspired short written by and starring Omar in Portland, Oregon this Fall—Omar is on the run from the mysterious men in black who are after his Lunarlon insoles.

"When I wrote the draft of the story it was originally two spies dressed in black spandex, but we ended up doing the classic men in black. The men in black are after the Lunarlon because it contains secret elements mined from the moon. Resources have been contaminated due to over-mining, and my character "Ozar" is now in possession of the only known sample of Lunarlon. To be continued!," said Omar.

How will it end? Please post your ideas for potential endings at (look for the Omar minisite post on the wall) and stay tuned for Part II coming in 2012!