NK US Premiere Tour Update 1

The Natural Koncept boys are creepin’ across the U.S. premiering its new video Creepin’ For Life. They sent over an update from the road and a grip of photos. Looks like quite a wild time. Check it out:

Natural Koncept held the world premiere of Creepin' for Life in New York City, Nov 19, 2011.  It was pure madness.

The day before, Bob Gnarly flew in from Los Angeles, Brendan "Lai Wing" Leung arrived from Santa Cruz, Sean Reilly from Hawaii, Adrian McElhaney and Bryan Callaghan from San Diego, Boner took the train from Virginia, and JJ arrived from CT with the Skate Lair Crew. Chris Kays flew in a week early from Hawaii so he could help prep for the tour by partying it up in the Big Apple. The crew stayed in Brooklyn at Cmart's apartment in Williamsburg and JZ's spot in Bed-Stuy. This is the official start of the 28-day Creepin' for Life premiere tour across America.


All photos by Cmart

After the insanity of the premiere the following day, the crew skated a demo at Susan Sarandan's ping pong bar called SPIN NYC located on Park Ave at 23rd Street. We've been working on this event for almost 2 years. This place is amazing! The event was awesome and SPIN's are being franchised around the world-even Shanghai, China. So watch out! NK may head out to Asia for another ping-pong/skatepark performance.

We jetted to Connecticut late night and crashed at JJ's spot in Bristol. The next morning we cooked up a big breakfast and headed to Skate Lair for a beer fueled session with the Lair Crew. Kays and Boner shredded the bowl tough!

The following day was Thanksgiving. We picked up Trevor at Love Park around 2p.m. He and Dave were in Las Vegas for the Wet Boys reunion. From the stories Trevor told us, it sounded like a big f--kin’ party! We skated downtown Philly ’til dark and then FDR ’til the wee hours of the morning, then a proper family feast at Wawa's.

Next we kicked it in Boner's hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia with a premiere at Magic Bullet skate shop. We drove back to Boner's house around 4a.m., where mama and papa Boner had prepared leftover Thanksgiving dinner for us.

After a good night’s rest we cruised to Ocean City, Maryland to meet up with Jim at Swirled World. We kicked it at the shop on the beach, then to the premiere at Peppers Bar. A quick session at the Coast Surf Supplies ramp and the final ramp jam party at Thug Mansion, a trippy smoke machine-filled/black lights style warehouse. Props to Tron at Get Gnarly. Good times a lot of craze.

We trecked across Maryland, Virginia and part of Tennessee (twelve-hour drive) to get to North Georgia Skatepark in Tunnel Hill, Georgia where we would be spending the next three days. Dave Davis had flown into Atlanta earlier that day so now the crew was officially complete! Loretta, the owner of North Georgia styled us out with big dinners, endless Budweisers, and a place that we call home. Late night shenanigans/skate sessions into the early morning kept us entertained. It's been an awesome trip so far and we've still got two and a half weeks left! A tour video is gonna drop March/April 2012.--JZ

A big shout out to Arizona Iced Tea, Pull-In, and Milkmade for making this tour possible.