No Mas and 5Boro “Self Destruct”

November 22, 1986

It was the left hook so nice it layed him out twice.

Late in the second, Mike Tyson landed a vicious left hook flush on Trevor Berbick’s chin that sent him lurching to the canvas. Berbick managed to struggle to his feet, but his knees were useless, and like a blow up bop bag, the momentum of rising carried him right back down in the opposite direction. Berbick made it up again, but Mills Lane wrapped him in a fight-ending hug that probably saved him from a third helping of canvas.

Although the early eviscerations of Sammy “The Nose Bleeder” Schaff and Michael “Brokejaw Mountain” Johnson should never be discounted, for the thirteen-year-old me this was Tyson’s most impressive knockout. When it was his turn, Spinks was shook from the bell and ready to lay down, but Berbick (unfortunately for him) wasn’t intimidated by Tyson. He came tofight, he wanted to get up, but Tyson’s shot was so powerful itshort-circuited Trevor’s neuro transmitters. It simply was not possible for him to stand.

In short, it was the illest.

The knockout made Mike Tyson the youngest heavyweight of all time, beating the record set by his mentor Cus D’Amato’s original protégé Floyd Patterson.

That was almost twenty tears ago.

To commemorate the anniversary, No Mas and 5Boro are releasing “Self Destruct”, a limited edition (250) skateboard set with art by Mickey Duzyj, which pits the young Kid Dynamite of ’86 vs. the aging ear-biting Iron Mike of ’97. No Mas is also releasing a poster edition of the “Kid Dynamite Montage” by Mickey Duzyj.

There will be two release parties. One at Bodega in Boston on Monday the 20th and another back in New York on Wednesday the twenty second at Boundless in Williamsburg (143 Roebling at Havermeyer) with an after party at Barcade.

There will be 8 sets of the boards available at both functions, and a special package which includes a poster with purchase of a set. There is strong demand for the boards and very limited quantities, so come early if you are wanting to come away with a set.