Northwest is a new film by Coan “Buddy” Nichols and Rick Charnoski. Like their other films, Fruit Of The Vine , Skateparks Of Oregon and Tobbacoland, this real-life road movie uniquely showcases great skateboarding in all its varieties–not to mention the perils and joys of the road and the spontaneous fun that makes life worth living. Focusing their super-8 lenses on hand-sculpted concrete skateparks and the skaters who build and ride them, Nichols and Charnoski capture some of the rawest skateboarding you’ve ever seen in the peaceful and beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest—all while visiting old friends and making new ones.

Rick and Buddy have traveled all over the world documenting the underground aspect of skating through films, stories and photographs. Appropriately, Emerica Footwear is sponsoring Northwest, which takes the Nichols and Charnoski legacy to new heights by featuring an impressive roster of skateboarding’s underground concrete heroes, like Jimmy “The Greek” and Red, as they take on an impressive array of amazing new monstrous concrete transitions–not to mention the powerful skating of Ben Krahn and Ryan Johnson as they gracefully destroy everything in sight. Emerica is proud to be part of a film that splendidly documents these lesser-seen but equally important aspects of skateboarding.

Northwest will premiere at fourteen locations spanning the West Coast throughout May. If you have the opportunity, come on out and be part of Coan and Rick’s journey through the skater-poured concrete of Northwest.