All the Krüe members of oceaNSide have been heavily updating the site. There are tons of goods to check out on this site. If you want peep it.

here is the lastest installment of Krue’s digi cam video that turned legit HOOD LIFE. NSKRUE.COM

Filmed and edited by: Alex Heskett, skaters in order of appearance: Jermaine Wright, Bart Jones, Jonathan “Ajohn” Gacuma, Raymond Diaz, Ethan Fitzpatrick, Drew Dezort, Dane Vaughn, Danny Scher, Sean Stultz, Ian Gundloch, Alex Heskett, Anthony Schultz, Mike Long, Lannie Rhodes, Jermaine Avery Wright, Scab, Richie Belton, Che “BIZ” Zaid George