This past weekend was the Zoo York Am Getting Paid contest in Montreal. An amazing turnout of 140 hungry amateurs from all over North America battted their way to the top and a total prize purse of $12,000US.Results:
1. Nyjah Huston – Element Skateboards, eS Footwear, Silver Trucks
2. Jordan Hoffert – Es Footwear
3. Thomas Parent
4. Tory Pudwill – Alien Workshop, DVS Shoes
Check in the next couple of weeks for pictures, updates and a video clip.

Accel. moves to Giant

Accel. Wheels is moving in to Giant Skateboard Distribution. Accel. has always been dedicated to making the best possible products for skateboarders and to creating a team that feels more like a family than employees. We’ve also tried to remember that, above all, skateboarding is supposed to be fun. It just so happens that the fine folks at Giant believe in that same philosophy and want us to help them spread the word. Making the move will be Brand Manager and ex-pro Jason Rothmeyer. Jason has been at Accel. since 2001 doing everything from sales and product development to team managing and marketing and has a great hold of the brand. Accompanying Jason will be longtime artist and pro team rider Stacy Lowery. Along with being one of the original riders of Accel., Stacy has been doing all of the artwork and catalog layouts for Accel. since day one. In addition to a whole new line of wheels for the fall, in the following months you will be seeing new team riders coming (Chad TimTim, Evan Schiefelbine among others), expanded advertising and a fresh new look.

Stacy Lowery
Danny Montoya
Chad TimTim
Kyle Berard
Kristian Svitak
Steffan Attardo
Jesse Fritsch
Charlie Wilkins
Anthony Furlong
Josh Perkins
Kendall Cordova
John Rademacher
Scott Christiansen
Michael Tubbs
Willy Akers
Steve Fauser
Rick Eusey
Jake Duncombe
Evan Schiefelbine

Adio News

The Adio team embarked on a European tour this summer dubbed Le Tour De Adio. Europe was trekked from August 16th to the 28th. Among the stops were Germany, France, and Switzerland. Austria was on the agenda but was cancelled due to major flooding. Check photos at

Damn Am Costa Mesa Oct. 27th – 30th, 2005

Come check out the southern California stop of the Damn Am series. This one takes place at the Volcom warehouse. Adio ams Anthony Schultz, Nate Broussard, Sean Eaton, Trace Saylor, Chris Troy, Kevin Romar, Daniel Espinoza, and Josh Grossguth will be there for your viewing pleausre. For more details go to


Just as most of the country gets ready to say goodbye to summer and all the madness that goes along with it, six skateboarders hit the road in a Sprinter van making their way from Nashville, through the states of the Midwest, out to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

The Hometown Heroes 05 Skate Tour hit road on September 16, 2005. HH05 is contests and street skating for the love of it. Every town has that handful of kids that are Hometown Heroes. This tour gives them a chance to showcase their skills and be recognized nationally. HH05 is 15 events in 15 cities in 6 weeks, with a focus on street skating, filming, and lifestyle elements. The HH05 Skate Tour culminates with the HH05 AM Finals at Etnies GvR, the ultimate skateboarding battle pitting Goofy foot against Regular foot, set for Oct. 21-23, 2005 in Lake Forest, CA.
For more information on Hometown Heroes and a full schedule of events, please visit